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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-35

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Sometimes the light of hope hurts a tad.

(Gwen is a good electrical conductor)

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Well, the Dex did say strong electricity courses through Luxio's claws... As to how could he zap his trainer by just using her hair, either her hair's drenched in sweat or... probably the amperage is way too high that it actually flew through Gwen's hair and everything, and out of the window (in other words, Gwen has too much iron that she easily conducted electricity even just through the hair). It's a mystery how she survived such strong zap tho :P

Very late comment btw, I've read this before until the recent page, and I managed to leave a comment just now ^.^'

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Goons are like zombies anyway XD

And yes, Gwen is a great conductor~
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Haha!^^ Fortunately, humans in the pokémon universe are tougher than us! XD
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That sweet little Seviper...that last panel has her so cute!
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Glad you find it cute, but don't assume HIS gender! HE is a dude! ;)
Serviper's funny.
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Hehe!^^ Glad you think so!
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Everything will be explained in the next episode! XD If only the author of this comic was a TAD faster and would stop playing video games instead of working... XD
Sooty123's avatar
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Hahaha! XD Welcome to the club, bro!
TriforceOfWill's avatar
Next, please!  This is super awesome; Luxio is the best!
Adanel's avatar
Thank you soooo much!!!!! *_* You're very kind!! And glad you like Luxio!^^
IMyPHPMe's avatar
uh what just happen?
Adanel's avatar
You mean you didn't get the story or something? If yes, I kinda knew this would happen. In a way, I made this page deliberately "obscure". X)
If that was your question, I'd be glad to explain!^^
IMyPHPMe's avatar
no what I meant to say is why did luxio shock her?
Adanel's avatar
He wanted to reach the lightnings he saw through the window, but the cage stops his own electric power. He needed to be in contact with an external element, so his electricity could spread outside of the cage.
And his trainer was the only choice he had... XD

Hope I was clear enough!^^
IMyPHPMe's avatar
oh okay, yeah it does :)
Adanel's avatar
Aw, great!^^
I already suck at explaining, but in English it's even harder! XD
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
AAAAAW! his eyes in Panel ! No one can resist a face like that! XD
Adanel's avatar
Hehee! When you're powerless, eyes can be your best weapon!^^
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What if the Pokemon who received the call was Black Kyurem? Imagine the look on everyone's faces when a giant ice/lightning dragon with Gorilla arms busts into Team Flare's HQ to save the day.
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Oh, that'd be so awesome!!! XD
Best rescue ever!
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