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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-34



Think before you act.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? and i though Team Rocket are bad at this

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Adanel's avatar
Hahaha!!! XD Accurate reaction!!
bubbles46853's avatar
The eternal conundrum of being a family-friendly(ish) villain.
Adanel's avatar
Heck yeah! XD Doesn't have only advantages.
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
:P this comic should be called Team Flare is an idiot
Adanel's avatar
Haha! XD
Since that Team Flare grunt is also a trainer, I guess it still fits. But that could be a nice spin-off! haha!
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
XD :cookietease: stick tard Be As Strange As You Can Tard Bouncing Chase Donut :stickymote: :motivate: 
Adanel's avatar
So... much... smileys!
=D =D =D
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
Stupid Me! :idontgetit: :dontpoke: mmm... tard-cream Hi-Hi Cutie Emote + PLZ Stupid. :bonklers: Kyurem la :help: Walkin' the Rock Stupid Flower Blogblogblog Cute Dance Endless Cookies Emote chatter Too hard Glomp :shakepaintbrush: bouncey 
Speed-Chaser's avatar
c'est le méchant stagiaire lui non ? xD
Adanel's avatar
Haha!! XD Hautement probable!

J'imagine déjà ce brave petit gars répondre à une annonce: "Team de gros méchants cherche sbires simplets à plein temps". XD
Speed-Chaser's avatar
c'est tellement ça xD
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
aaaw hahahahah XD Well in this case just let them free again X)
Adanel's avatar
Everything would be easier that way! XD
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
haha yeah XD I love how funny you draw the villains all the time! The seviper was very cute too and now this! XD Thanks for making me laugh so much always ^^ Hug 
Adanel's avatar
Aww, thank you!!! *-*
Glad you find the Seviper cute!!^^ This pokémon is very enjoyable to draw, but it's still a challenge to draw its emotions!
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
Yes it is! And giving it a own style too I think XD
All my serviper I draw look like common servipers :/
But well it is how it is ^^
Adanel's avatar
Aw!^^' Well, I deliberately draw Seviper and most of the pokémon like the artwork, because that's how I like them the most! X)

But if you wanna customize a Seviper I guess we can find a way! Maybe a different "sword" shape? Or a different look for the purple mark? Why not a seviper with purple stripes on all of his body?^^ Or replacing the golden plates with diamonds! =D
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
Really? haha I can see your art style in them though ^^
I think you manage it very well to Balance the orginal artwork and your own style :D

WOW! You are giving me ideas here!!!! Oo
All I focused was always sevipers head and for some unknown reason i totally forgot about the Body XD
Adanel's avatar
Aww, you're so kind! =) I'm happy you think so!! >///<

Really? =D Aww, glad I could have helped you!
Haha, right, the head is often the part we focus more on!^^
Blueeyeddrago's avatar
Boss: Leave them there to rot.
Adanel's avatar
I can perfectly picture the boss's jaded expression after having had 100 similar phone calls this day! XD
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