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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-33



Team Flare’s pokémon are like zombies: when you get rid of them, more are coming.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Ayy Seviper! X3 
Also Luxio is just OΔO
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No, but it's how bond- I mean, how kidnapping works XD
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CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Well, I guess some unique attack is good? XD
Adanel's avatar

Some unique attack, you say? I guess it depends on the attack! ^^

bubbles46853's avatar
Awww...what a sweet seviper!
Adanel's avatar
Isn't it!^^
(Shall I confess that I was a TAD fed up with the "heartless and cruel Seviper" cliché? X) )
Adanel's avatar
Yay!!^^ Glad it is! =D
bubbles46853's avatar
Yes! *rubs her gently*

(yep.  Why else do I have Mrs. O'Leary?)
Adanel's avatar
HHHHHHHimmmmmmmmmm not herrr!! :giantfrown: grawr!
(Hehe, good! With all these cute pokémon we could win against bad clichés!! =D )
bubbles46853's avatar
(Yeah. I read the comment where you corrected me the first time after I already posted the previous one.)
Adanel's avatar
(Yeah, maybe. But don't make me hate females even more than I already do.)
bubbles46853's avatar
(Oh...I didn't know you HATED them!)
Adanel's avatar
(Well, quite. Dumb gender stereotypes and obsession over females might be ones of the reasons why... When people will stop thinking gurls are all perfect, kind and cute I might maybe reconsider.)
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(Oh...I didn't know you hated them!)
TheNuzlockeDuo's avatar
Seviper seems so naive and sweet! Maybe it'll join our heroes! :heart:
Adanel's avatar
Hehee!! =)
I don't spoil my own stories but it's always very interesting to read people's expectations!!^^
pokemon gif  Seviper 
Astropong's avatar
C'est même pas bête. Allez Seviper !
Je viens de découvrir cette série et que ce soit niveau dessin ou histoire t'as un talent certain :)
Adanel's avatar
Haha!^^ Brave petit Seviper!

Merci beaucoup pour tes gentils compliments!!! *-* ça me fait vraiment plaisir!^^ J'espère que la suite te plaira aussi!

Et merci pour le watch, aussi!!! =D
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Le combat le plus nul du monde! XD parce que l'intelligence n'est pas le genre de la maison!^^
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