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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-23



Rodents or not, you’re a bunch of losers, little bunnies!^^ But we like you anyway.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Those are some very... yellow bushes ^^; Is that an error?
Adanel's avatar
No, it's just because of the sun rays. Sometimes they give a quite golden look to leaves. ^^
Now I was less experienced when I drew this. In my head it was quite beautiful! XD
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Oh, I see. Very powerful sun XD
Adanel's avatar
Not really, just the late afternoon sun rays put at the right place. You must see forests under the sun, they're beautiful! *-*
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Oh really? Never seen them that yellow before? XD
Adanel's avatar
Actually they can be very yellow. And I already told you that I did this page long ago. With a screen that wasn't very well calibrated.
Do you really want to nitpick on a damn colour? This is getting mildly irritating... I'm a TAD tired of people who insist like pests about tiny details like this. -_-
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
To be honest, I've never seen greenery that yellow, but I think I can imagine in my head.

Sorry, sorry :( I can get a little... forceful without realizing. Plus I'm kinda an insensitive half-introvert in real life, though I wish I wasn't. Maybe it's also due to my stupid perfectionism. But I don't wanna argue with you again.
Adanel's avatar
Maybe you didn't but I did. And as far as I remember, leaves can be yellow too: in case it wasn't clear enough, this happens at the end of Summer. Plus, cartoon sceneries often have unrealistic colours.

I see, but keep in mind that maybe you're talking with other perfectionists, who could be really hurt when someone complains about a tiny detail. Your insistence just felt like you really wanted me to apologize for being so bad and praizing you for being so amazing.

If you're that talented, good for you. But constructive criticism is NOT about negative comments, it's about giving a developped opinion on a picture. It's explaining what you find good and WHY you like it, then what you find not good and WHY you dislike it. Bonus point if you give tips or tutorials to help the person improve!
Also, give it only if the person agrees (some people are there for sharing their passions, not being art masters).
Note that if you don't understand an author's choice or spot a plot hole, you can simply notify the person without writing a whole critique. Just make sure to be kind and polite!
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Jay-Law's avatar
Brambles? Blackberries!
*yum-yum-yum!* :p
Adanel's avatar
Yeah, let's stay positive! ^^
These scratches on our arms are nothing in comparison to the sweet taste of wild berries!
funnies50's avatar
Oh dear. This is why you plan ahead :/
Aww, love this!! ;u; Luxio's so cute :heart:
Adanel's avatar
Haha!! XD Indeed!

Thank you so much!! =) I'm happy you like it!!!^^
Adanel's avatar
XD Hahahaha!!!

That fits so perfectly!!! XD
Awesome! Thanks a lot!!^^
TarriPup's avatar
Well I DID quickly sketch that out as a reply to this comic page, y'know... =P
(Obviously I had nothing better to do, lol) xD
Adanel's avatar
Oh my god!! *-* You drew that for this reply? ADJ - Himawari Puppy Dog Eyes  I feel so honoured!! :happybounce: 
And for a "quick sketch" it looks absolutely perfect!!!^^
TarriPup's avatar
I did! xD
Because I depict myself generally as a pachirisu, which is ALSO a rodent, so... seeing the interaction in the page, I suddenly had this image, so I decided to quickly sketch it. xD
Crazy, I know, but sometimes it's just fun that way. =P
Adanel's avatar
Hehee!! That's purely awesome!! ='D
That's a great craziness!!!^^

And thank you a lot for the fav, btw!! =)
Jay-Law's avatar
"Daamn! Not only are we dealing with these thorns but the two rodents are after us again!"
"Haha! There's no chance they could catch up with us anyway!"
Adanel's avatar
Thanks! I add this to my enormous list of corrections!!^^
One day I'll have the time to correct my comics...
ChibiSheepi's avatar
Looks awesome! ^^
Adanel's avatar
Thank youuu!!^^
skysoul25's avatar
fantabulastic! :D
Adanel's avatar
Woow, that much?? XD
Thank you a lot!!!!! =D
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