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My Trainer is an Idiot: B-2


Who's a good boy?

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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The one who just eat tepig... I guess...

Actually this touch upon a topic which kinda bothers me from some time. And the topic is the level of intelligence/sentience of Pokemon. As far as I know some early works (like the first lost pokedex - You can find it on Youtube when typing Lost Pokedex in a search bar) highly suggested that it may in fact differs depends on species of a pokemon. Why does that matter? Because that would put those pokemon (in regard or morality) in the same category as humans(some call it "being a part of human family"(I'm not sure if I translate this term correctly as I heard it not in English), other word we can use for that is "a person"), meaning killing that pokemon for food (regardless if by humans or other sentient pokemon) would be morally bad, not much different from cannibalism of sentient species/being (if species/being is not sentient then we can't say something is morally good or wrong for them, as morality isn't category that reffers to them, they are only the object of it not subject of it) - well slightly less bad, but it's similar difference like between murdering own childs and killing some stranger people (so yeah both are really, really bad). Killing non-sentient pokemon for food on the other hand still would be morally fully acceptable. Of course it still could feel bad on aesthetic, cultural or sensitivity level (similar like for example most European/US people would have consider killing cat or dogs for food a bad thing, as these are species of beloved pets, but some eastern cultures don't have problem with that - and honestly we can't say they are doing some inherently bad - humans are omnivores by they nature meaning they actually should eat meat too(in case of predators is of course even more as they must do it))).

So in that case the question is:

1. Is Luxio a sentient species(being)? (actually... I don't think we should reffered to Luxio as a species, as it is actually THE SAME species as Shinx and Luxray, they are just different form(after all it's the same organism - similar to how fetus and a born human or larva, pupa and imago are the same organism, which just change over time). Meaning that even if Shinx and Luxio wouldn't be sentient (meaning: sentience isn't a trait they exhibit), but it would be trait this species develops in Luxray form, it is part of its nature ALREADY when it is just a shinx (or even a pokemon-egg actually - at least considering it's a fertilized egg, as we don't know (I think we don't) if pokemon eggs are fertilized internally (already in mother organism) or externally (after mother lays an egg)). As the same organism is all the time the same being - since conception till death - and being sentient or not is such core trait of a being, such core part of its nature that it's actually constant... well being's nature generally is constant, the thing that isn't constant is what part of this nature is already exhibited, but morally it doesn't matter)

2. (If 1. is true) is tepig a sentient species(being)?

If any of this is false (if 1 is false the 2. actually doesn't really matter, as Luxio isn't subject of morality (so his action can't be evaluated as moral or not)) then nothing actually bad happened here...

But of course for what is shown in the comic we can say Luxio clearly is sentient. As for the tepig... considering how most of the starters final form are created I would say that they rather ARE sentient.

That being said...

Bad Luxio! Bad! Spit that poor tepig out!

(Yeah I know he did... or is it she? Also that shouldn't be possible, but hey cartoon "logic". Also pokemon being and infinity-energy being may make it actually making sense. Sort of. )

Also this winged Luxio is interesting

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Don't wanna attract vore fetishists huh? :P
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At the time I didn't know these people existed... To me scenes like this are just innocent cartoon jokes, but fetishists ruined everything... :/ They should stop being so selfish, and be more considerate for people who don't see such random things as sexual... Fetishists are so rude!
SerpAndZardMaster's avatar
I will admit that I am a person that does in fact like vore. But I don't like to incorporate vore into everything like some other people do. Sometimes, I do prefer vore to stay away from stuff. For example, I actually started a Pokemon series(but barely continued it cuz school) that is strictly vore-free, along with 70 Pokemon OC's
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I wish the other fetishists were as decent as you are...
Sometimes I feel like walking on eggshells because of these guys. Every innocent thing I draw can be a fetish I don't know about, and it's really annoying...
When I see a naked person casually reading his newspaper, I don't feel aroused despite his naked body. I wish fetishists would feel the same toward my drawings!

And wow, 70 OCs? *-* That's quite a lot! I hope you'll find time to carry on your series, that sounds interesting!^^
SerpAndZardMaster's avatar
Yeah, your comics are meant to be funny and they're perfect that way.

And yeah, 70 Pokemon OC's is a lot, and after all the gen 8 Pokemon are revealed I'll be adding ten more. Speaking of though, I'm curious, what are your thoughts on Gen 8 so far?
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May these immature jerks realize that... Until then I'll block them. My comics aren't a branch of youp*rn!!

Ooh, so it's ten pokémon from each gen? That's neat! =D I'm quite glad to see it's possible to manage so many characters!^^ Is it a writtens story or a comic? *-*
I'm super hyped for Gen 8!! England is my favourite country, and the graphics look gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing more new pokémon! =D What about you?^^
SerpAndZardMaster's avatar
It's a written story, but it only has a few chapters so far, and the only one of my Pokemon OC's showcased in it so far is my Serperior back when he was a Snivy. And yeah, unfortunately, the majority of my Pokemon OC's haven't been used at all yet, and probably won't be used. But I like Pokemon because I like the thought of having lots of friends :3

And yeah, I'm looking forward to all the new Pokemon as well. I'm particularly excited to see Sobble's final evolution, because some of the fakemon that people have drawn over it looks really cool. I also looking forward to all the dragon types we get.
Adanel's avatar
Ah, at least one appeared, it's something! XD May school leaves you alone a little bit, so you could carry on writing it and showing your other characters!^^ And even if you don't write their stories, they'll live in your mind and that's great too!
Yeah! Lots of pokémon friends is awesome! =D

Cool!! *.* Fakemons make the wait more bearable! I haven't seen a lot so far, though.
Oh yeees, the new dragons!! What kind of england-themed dragons could we have? Mmh...
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Maybe he hasn't digested it yet, so we should make him regurgitate it.
Adanel's avatar
Funnily enough, I once draw a small bonus panel for a friend where that was exactly what happened. XD The poor Tepig was scared but alright!

So technically, even though it haven't been made public, the Tepig is canonically still alive! XD
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
You mean for twenty or thirty something pages for this part the Tepig is still in there? :O
Adanel's avatar
Ah no, I meant that Luxio spit it out!^^ Sorry if I explained myself badly... X)
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
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Well... I think we got lost somewhere so let me explain again. I once drew a "bonus" picture for a friend. On this pic, Luxio had spat the Tepig, who was still alive. But I only gave this picture to this friend and never posted it online. Therefore it can't be seen in the comic.
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Just to be clear, said picture will not be posted in the comic right?
Adanel's avatar
I don't think so, it was just a tiny gift for a friend who was sad for the Tepig (and not very well drawn, tbh)!^^
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Lol wings on a Lucille XD also the new page of my comic is up !
Adanel's avatar
Haha! XD

Yayy!! I'm gonna have a look right now! =D
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Did you name your tepig Pepsi or something? XD
I've only shown the truth to one person so far, but the tepig survived in the end. ^^
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
And Pepsi is the name of my partner in my Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon game and yes he is a Tepig and yes I LOVE HIM HE'S SO FUNNY AND CUTE XD
Adanel's avatar
Aah! XD Nice name for a Tepig!^^ That partner must be awesome! =D
SkyHighSnivy's avatar
I don't even know how I came up with the name. I knew I was going to get the game so I was like.


then I just thought of random names and then I'm just like.
and it stayed.
and will never be replaced.
Pepsi 4 life.
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