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My Trainer is an Idiot: AB-65

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Gotta catch’em all, they said.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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HeroOfComedy's avatar

you've been off the grid a while.

MaeriRyuagu17's avatar

We've all been through that. Catching whatever Pokemon we find liking despite having a team of 6 already. Good old newb days XP

Luxio is charming as usual :giggle:

YellowRaichu's avatar

Good thing to see you're still alive and doing this comic, even if that pages can be months apart. Keep up the good work!

The details Raichu la plz

Never can have too many of them. Snek is always a good choice :love:

RomanOstrov's avatar

From where he have so much Pokeballs? XD and where he keep them!? XD

RedFlames01's avatar

Yeah! More stupid trainers!

DeadlockAt's avatar

Glad to see you back again.

TheNuzlockeDuo's avatar

Beautiful art as usual! I love that Seviper is a central character, such an underrated species.

Wes1234's avatar

Not going to lie.... I totally forgot I'd subscribed to you a long time ago.... Glad to see you back, though!

VarrhokTG's avatar

Such a cute Seviper!!!

Midday-Mew's avatar

OMG, you're back! :D

Glad to hear from you again! ^^ I personally had to leave Tumblr and cannot go back. :c I will miss sending you asks on there, but alas. Long story short, there's someone on that site with a history of doing callout posts on people they block, and I was blocked by them out of the blue, so I hightailed it out of there, anticipating an angry mob. Can't go back now, sadly.

Abra/Scorpio has been trying to reach you for a while and wanted to know how you were doing and if everything was okay. He tried to send you a Note on this site (dA) but didn't get a response, last I heard from him on the matter. If you sign into Discord I can give you his Discord tag for you to add him on there (if you haven't already done so), provided I have both his and your consent to do so. ^^

Glad to see a new page! ^^ Irvin has six Pokémon, right? Who's gonna get boxed, or does that six-Pokémon limit not apply here?

Keep up the good work! ^^

JadeTheDracobos's avatar

the last panels where funny, nice comic

Kiritost's avatar

Omg you are back!! And I’m loving the new page!!! You missed so much I even made another Pokémon comic series from your comic! hope you have been

Adanel's avatar

Hello buddy!! =D Glad to hear from you again!

It's true that I'm a liiiittle less around, these times, but I haven't given up! You missed me too, btw!!^^

Someone told me on Tumblr you did something like that (we have a friend in common, probably! XD), so I'll gladly read your comic!! *-* And all those I've missed after all these months... ^^'

Hope you're doing well! =)

Kiritost's avatar

Cool!! And no problem! Can’t wait for you to read my new comic and what you missed and give your thoughts on them

MarthDovah's avatar

Says he caught too many at once. <i>Yet, he catches another.</i>

Adanel's avatar

Pokémon trainer logic! XD

arin112211's avatar

You're BACK!!!

Adanel's avatar

Yesss! *-*

I should come more often, like I used to... ^^' Good old days can always come back!

SonicbolttheLatios's avatar

Poor oddish xD

And wow I thought he was already caught at this point XD Nice to see him getting a good home though^^

Richtofen1265's avatar
h15r's avatar

Well, there's always a room for a cool looking snake, right? 😂🤣😂🤣

Adanel's avatar

Absolutely! ^^ Snakes are a must-have!

Yarrix's avatar

YAY! New Page!

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