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My Trainer is an Idiot: AB-63

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Of course!

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Pfaccioxx's avatar

hat Rattata seems very comfortable around that Saviper considering most Saviper would see a rat like him and imiditly think "food"

Adanel's avatar

Indeed! X) But this Rattata has come to terms with the idea that he's a member of a "prey species" and that he had to either be afraid his whole life or be cool with it (it'll be explained in more details in some future pages)!

Richtofen1265's avatar

Seviper might replace Rattata if Irvin and Gwen keep travel together for more than a week

jewelswirlix's avatar

Ohhhhh the trainer of Luxio is called Gwen

Kiritost's avatar

Loving the detail and facial expressions on this page !! and no matter which team the serviper joins i Am sure it will fit in great.

Adanel's avatar

Awwww thank you sooo much!!! >/////< Yup, the little big snake will certainly be a good teammate!

And glad to see you around here! ^^ I was kinda distant from DA and tumblr these days... ^^'

PantherKing239's avatar

Pfft, "Melonhead". XD

Adanel's avatar

Hehe! XD The Ralts line is very inspiring!

PantherKing239's avatar

I think I'll occasionally call him that as a pet name. X3

Adanel's avatar

Haha! You can! ^^

bubbles46853's avatar

Take him in! Take him in! Take him in! *Keeps chanting*

Adanel's avatar

Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!! =D =D =D

TheNuzlockeDuo's avatar

Snivy is soooo cute! And Luxio T_T and Seviper and Kirlia

Wow your art is just cute in general.

Also I caught the Falinks in the background and nearly squealed--its one of my new favorites!

Adanel's avatar

Thank you soooo much!!! >/////< Glad you like all of this!!! *-*

Haha!^^ I like this pokémon too, and the way it moves in the game makes me laugh! One day I should give it a better place under the spotlight, not just hidden in the background!

I'm still reeling from the fact that you made a Serviper cute. I always thought it was cute anyway, but it's nice to see a cute snek.

Adanel's avatar

Aww, glad you find him cute!! ^^

Same here!! >///< But it's true that this adorable pokémon isn't pictured as cute very often.

Black-ADD-White's avatar

I thought Irvin became an overlord when I saw the thumbnail.

Then I realized, he can be that sharp-witted to pull off XD

Still, love the details :)

Adanel's avatar

Haha! XD Well, as far as I remember the pokédex said that Kirlia can create illusions, so if you thought it was real here's the reason! smile laugh

He'd be a terrible evil overlord, for our greatest pleasure!

Thank you sooo much! ^^

Astropong's avatar

Wow, cette représentation d'Irvin en seigneur de la destruction était juste fantastique.

(Au passage, j'avais regardé les premières pages à nouveau pour vérifier son nom, c'est fou comment tes dessins ont évolués )

Adanel's avatar

Merci, merci! Haha! XD C'était assez fun à dessiner!

(Ooh, merci encore!! ^^ C'est super si j'ai pu progresser, après tout ce temps! Et dire qu'il me reste encore tant à apprendre. Et tiens, c'est vrai, faudrait que je fasse ces fiches de référence pour rappeler les noms de tout ce petit monde! XD)

jewelswirlix's avatar
Ahh different teams get to meet one another
Adanel's avatar
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