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My Trainer is an Idiot: AB-62

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Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Yoshifull's avatar

Don't mind me, I'm just rooting for that Braixen.

Adanel's avatar

I love that seviper

Adanel's avatar

Aww, glad you like him! ^^

KittehKatPoodums's avatar

is that a mew or a meowth in that trench coat? hmmmm

Adanel's avatar

It's a mew! A not very subtle mew trying to hide from curious humans. XD

Kiritost's avatar

Its great to see those two considering to travel together ! i really enjoyed them fighting off team flare!!

Adanel's avatar

So glad you liked it! ^^

As long as they travel together I'll only have 3 stories, so that's easier for me! XD

GaiaGallade's avatar

I really love all the small details in the background, like incognito Mew then only the tip of its tail later

Adanel's avatar

Thank you!!^^ Always glad when someone notices these little details, hehe! ^^

And also thank you for the fav!!

RomanOstrov's avatar

Like no one see Mew in disguised ...XD

in Mew mind :"People are so stupid ,did even not know what Pokemon can't ware cloths of detective XD

Adanel's avatar

True! XD Some seem to have doubts but they quickly forget about it. Mew can peacefully go for a walk, knowing that nobody will ever notice him!

RomanOstrov's avatar

Heh I see >:3 well how you can remmber Mew if he/she can use psy to forget ;3

Adanel's avatar

Haha! I wonder if that Mew even thought about it! XD

Sometimes we forget about our own power (at least that's what happens when I'm playing video games where we have too many tools at our disposal)! XD

RomanOstrov's avatar

Heh How knows Maybe he/she do XD or at list think about such option XD

PantherKing239's avatar

Good ol' goofy Irvin. X3

Adanel's avatar
PantherKing239's avatar

Who couldn't love him? X3

Richtofen1265's avatar

i wasn't the most gifted student either i slept through high school

Adanel's avatar

Haha! XD Well, sometimes school is boring, sometimes being a teen is hard and school refuses to acknowledge that growing up is literally exhausting.

I'm sure that in many cases (NOT all, but many), school is the one to blame for the so-called "bad" students! XD

TheGreenNinja10's avatar

Adorable Seviper is adorable!!!

The whole thing is great

Adanel's avatar

Ooh thank you so much! ^^

I don't like drawing bags but for once it was worth it! =D

TheGreenNinja10's avatar

Aw, it looks great!

Adanel's avatar

Hehe, thanks again! ^^

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