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My Trainer is an Idiot: AB-52


He has been a Braixen for less than 24h, after all.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Just whack them or something XD or try some other move like Scratch or Psybeam ^^"
Adanel's avatar
Once he'll get over that failure, he might think about it! XD
jewelswirlix's avatar
Screw you anime. Newly evolved Pokemon don't always learn a new skill in an instant.
Adanel's avatar
Haha! It's quite strange how fast pokémon adapt to their new body when they evolve! XD In real life, I bet they'd struggle a tad more!
Kiritost's avatar
well that move failed XD poor braxien 
Adanel's avatar
Quite! XD He might not be a newbie as a fighter, but he's a newbie as a Braixen! XD
Zyrdia's avatar
I bet eevee would laugh at this.... HARD
Adanel's avatar
Oh yes! XD I bet he's giggling in his pokéball right now! ='D
Zyrdia's avatar
That fail tho XD
Adanel's avatar
Hehe, yep. XD
MickeyMario64's avatar
Someone light a match. =w=;
Adanel's avatar
Good idea! XD
Mh, next time I light one, I'll imagine I'm a braixen with a very tiny stick!! =D
HansG543's avatar
Atticus Rhodes icon: My bad by HansG543   He can still use the stick to hit them. Something is something.
Adanel's avatar
Yeah! XD And that'd be quite fun to watch! X'D
HansG543's avatar
Yes, but it’s not gonna end well.
Adanel's avatar
Especially for the stick!
Adanel's avatar
Oh my god! An icon of the Chapulin Colorado!!!! XD That's marvellous! So is there a cartoon of him or is it a fanart?^^
HansG543's avatar
Yes, there’s a cartoon of him. Even from the cartoon I took various screenshots to make a lot of el Chapulín Colorado Icons (like this icon I made myself for example) and some comics, not drawings of course.
Adanel's avatar
Awesome!! I need to watch that! Hopefully there's a version with subtitles! XD

It's great that we can create our own icons!
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Black-ADD-White's avatar
First of all.
Luxio, they may be the worst but its still better than no one to save the both of you, you know -u-

Braixen needs to learn the arts of magic first, since he's like a magician now -w-

and third.
It's a freaking 7 vs 2 battle! Just kick their asses already! XD
Adanel's avatar
They did him a pretty bad first impression! XD But deep inside he's relieved!

He will!^^ But since he evolved the night before, he needs to learn stuff about his new body! ^^'

Ah, if only... But the team flare grunts have pokémon too, and there are many other grunts around!
Black-ADD-White's avatar
Well that's good -u-

makes sense.
BTW now that you've drawn him in full body in that last panel, he looks awfully cute! >w<

They should take them out while they haven't called their pokemons yet XD
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