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My Trainer is an Idiot: A-8


I have a little idea, my friend.

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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the little girl a be ready deal of losing and mother a not get in a pokemon battle is winner and loser but if your kid lose is normal but go ask the one who beat the pokemon of your kid a apologize, If your kid a not training his pokemon, is normal he or her lose but is worst for those who believe their can't lose but reality hurt!
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Yep, what a wasted opportunity to teach that child that losing can happen and isn't the end of the world... ^^' I hope she'll eventually learn this by herself!
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Entitled parents be like:

*fourth picture*

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Haha! XD Quite true! ^^'
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Well for me I kinda usually go for the strongest move to finish the mon off when it's on very low health ^^" like using a Z-Move on a Pokemon with very low HP just for good measures to COMPLETELY destroy it ^^"
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Mmh, the delicate scent of humiliation! =3 I like the way you think! XD
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Heh yeah X3 gotta end it with a bang XD
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I'm the impatient tactician who gets the worst luck at the worst moments... or maybe the guy who trains hard, only to discover I either still haven't trained enough or trained a little more than necessary... or maybe the guy who sticks with sticks with certain Pokemon based on my preferences for each game (I actually did Omega Ruby with my starter and the first five Pokemon I captured)... actually, it's hard to say which one I'd be...
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I could add those to the list!^^ Everyone experiences the trainer's life differently and it's quite fascinating!
That last one is me too! Isn't it good to just play with our fav pokémon without caring much about powerful stats and typing balance? *-*
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The surprising thing is that they weren't even my favourite ones. I just happened to catch them right then and there.
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Sometimes we grow fond of a pokémon for other reasons than just its species. It's quite nice too!
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Everyone's trainer is an idiot by this point XD

I don't really think someone dressed as a Machomp would look that bad.

Guy having a Feebas obviously doesn't understand Pokémon basics.

And Irvin is still a dummy.
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Hehe, yes, I might have a thing for dumb trainers!XD

Huhu, if he's a handsome guy I'd love it too! <3

Indeed! X) What a waste!

And that won't change anytime soon!
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The main thing: everyone will remain as idiots in this world XD
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That's very likely! X) After all, aren't we all dumb from time to time? =3
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Yes, as proven by the internet.
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Helicopter parents who aggressively take care of their precious little trainers. Now, THAT is an idea worthy of putting in a comic.
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Haha!!^^ Glad you think so!! XD It could make a quite intersting story!
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Jasmine: hmm. which one am I?
Voice in my head: You are the kind of trainer who get's overly attached to their Pokémon even though you're only playing the games and you talk to your 3Ds under the false impression that the Pokémon in the 3Ds can hear you and everyone thinks you're weird...
Jasmine: TTATT yeah...

ps. this is true
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I feel you, my friend.
It's really nice most of the time, but it makes it more sad when they faint/get poisoned/etc
Hurts especially when you're nuzlocking...
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I don't Nuzlock ;-;
I don't think I could handle it
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