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My Trainer is an Idiot: A-46


Pissed off Fennekin learned psybeam!
(That Flygon is innocent!!!)

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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Heh heh heh nice KO

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How strong is that Fennekin? He KO'd Flygon with a Psybeam O-O"
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It's the power of adrenalin! ^^
And he became quite stronger since the beginning of his adventure. =D
TheOnlineNinja759's avatar
He sure has ^^ and like how Eggman who's able to outrun Sonic in the classic days since he had so much adrenaline he outran Sonoc who can run at the speed of sound? XD
Adanel's avatar
Woah, that's even more impressive! Sonic must not have liked it! XD
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
The Numel's back is broken? XD
Adanel's avatar
No last straw can break a camel's back in a world where "real" camels don't exist. I had to find a way... :angel: 
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Oh, I see. Just never heard the original phrase before.
Adanel's avatar
It's an English idiom, I'm trying to learn them! But it's quite difficult!^^'
CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Well, English ain't my native language either, but still use it a lot.
Adanel's avatar
At least using it helps training our skills! ^^
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aweee man Oscar is a bit of pushover too 
Adanel's avatar
Haha!^^ I hope soft trainers can survive in this dangerous world! XD
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Skyler: I disaprove of this comic >: (

Wildfire: why?

Skyler: I'M a Flygon that's why

Wildfire: oh yeah that makes since.
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Kirlia: If that can make you feel better, he was only following the orders!

Fennekin: I'd have loved to target Eleanore instead of the Flygon... But my mom told me I should never hit a human unless the situation is desperate, so I had to improvise! =)
cool23819's avatar
Skyler: eh I guess it's ok if you put it that way :| (Blank Stare)
Adanel's avatar
Kirlia: I'm sure the Flygon is fine, now! Nurse Joys do wonders!^^
cool23819's avatar

Mimic: he doesn't talk much.
Adanel's avatar
Kirlia: Not a problem!^^ We can still talk using body language!
Braixen: I doubt Decidueye's body language is the same as Kirlia's body language! XD
cool23819's avatar
Archer: I do talk sometimes.
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Kirlia: HE TALKED!!
Braixen: Sometimes it's better to stay silent instead of saying something stupid! ^^
Kirlia: Not a wisdom that you always have, my fellow Braixen! ;)
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ahh, flygon; the very first dragon type I catch and raise :)
which was only a couple of months ago 7u7
this reminds me I haven't had a dragon type ever XD

and crazy a** b****, f-ing deserved it LOL XD
Adanel's avatar
Ooh, sweet memories!^^ Flygon is a great adventure partner!

Wow, that much? =D Congratulations, then!^^ It must feel awesome!
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