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My Trainer is an Idiot: A-38


RTFM, noob!

Extract from my Tumblr:
Pokémon@ Nintendo Game Freaks
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CartoonCrazy007's avatar
Fennekin, you're one of the dumbest, cutest Pokemon in all of these collections X3
Adanel's avatar
Hahaha!^^ Yeah. From his point of view, wooden sticks are edible, no matter how they look! X)
Gusmansyah's avatar
He got rip off! X'D
Adanel's avatar
I'm not sure about what "rip off" means in this context (phrasal verbs are hell!!) but I'm sure it's something funny! XD
Gusmansyah's avatar
Oh it's is funny. :3

Rip off: A scam or act of being cheated out of something. For example: A. "Dude, where do you buy those shoes?"
                                                                                                          B. "I buy it a Crappy's"
                                                                                                          A. "Dude, those item they sell at there is bad product. You got rip off."

Adanel's avatar
Ooooh ok!! XDXD Thank you!!^^
yay, I've learned a new phrasal verbIHATEPHRASALVERBSTHEYREEVIL!!!
Woops... sorry... XD
Electric-Raichu's avatar
who's the idiot this time?
Adanel's avatar
haha!! XD Yes! XD
Fennekin doesn't know that not all sticks are worth eating! ^^
MickeyMario64's avatar
Uh, that's an ocarina. You blow on it.
Does Fennekin keeps eating everything that resembles a stick?
Adanel's avatar
Yes, Fennekin are known for eating twigs! XD Bad habits I guess! ;)
Requiem for a poor wooden flute. Buy a trombone next time, Kirlia! XD
MickeyMario64's avatar
I see... So that means whenever she saw underneath's a man jeans, will she chew on his d----*flamethrowerd*

*cough* :dead:
Adanel's avatar
She?? Who are you talking about? There's no she in there apart from me! XDD

But I like the idea! ;) I'll do it myself... Hehehee!
MickeyMario64's avatar
I'm referring to Fennekin.

Unless it's a he...
Adanel's avatar
It IS a he! XD There are a few pages where you can see him being called with male pronouns but maybe you haven't seen them yet!

And I don't get why people like female fennekin anyway. It just looks... wrong!^^' I'd never ever draw one of these crappy gurl fennekin! ;)
MickeyMario64's avatar
It just looks feminine from the design! (with or without eyelashes, lipsticks, or big boo---*flamethrowed again* never mind *cough* -_-)
Adanel's avatar
Uhm... It doesn't! Just because something doesn't look naughty and aggressive doesn't mean it's feminine! XD Believe me, I'm a girl and I'm a freaking naughty and un-cute person!! ;)

Plus, I'm against gender stereotypes and really don't like female pokémon! XD Neither do I like these dumb pokémon characters with long eyelashes, make-up and, worst of all, boobs! Oo

So, good news at least, this place is free from any kind of dumb porn! ;)
Hahaha! XD oh dear, that flamethrower is quite dangerous!
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
aaaaw how cute Fennekin looks in the last pannel X3 Love
And awesome, a flute fits good to an fairy type Pokemon :D
Adanel's avatar
Oooh, thank you!!^^ I'm glad you find him cute!! *-*

Indeed!!!^^ Even a bad quality flute damaged by a fox bite can sound good enough to a fairy type
Nitara-Nowrungsah's avatar
hahahaha naughty Fennekin XD youve coloured and inked this so well ahhh its so beautiful to look at!! really great job - 
Adanel's avatar
Aww, thank you so much!!!! You're so kind! *-*
Nitara-Nowrungsah's avatar
its just the truth!!  FREE flying hearts Icon#653 Fennekin 
Adanel's avatar
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