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Delphox cosplaying Charlie Chaplin

Because Mimikyu isn't the only one who likes cosplay!

I really tried to draw his mustache but I miserably failed.
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cooland beautiful, but i wonder how Delphox will look like cosplaying as Post Malone?
Adanel's avatar
I had to google it!^^' Didn't know this guy. Is he a good cosplay choice or something?
RunnyDaMeme's avatar
yes i guess

Delphox is my favorite pokemon of all time while Post Malone is my favorite rapper so why not xD
Adanel's avatar
Aah, I see!!^^ Indeed, seeing our favourite pokémon cosplaying our fabourite singer must be quite awesome! =D
I'd love to see a rapping Delphox!

(Glad to meet another Delphox fan, btw!)
FinalAspex's avatar
J'adore Charlie Chaplin!!
Il a vécu en Suisse non?
Adanel's avatar
Merciii!!! =D

Oui, tout à fait!^^ D'ailleurs son ancienne maison a été récemment transformée en un superbe musée en son honneur (et c'est en sortant de ce musée que j'ai eu l'idée de ce dessin... XD).

Et merci pour tous les favs!!! Tu es trop gentil!! *-*
Rha, faut que j'arrête d'oublier l'existence du bouton fav...
FinalAspex's avatar
J'avais du retard à rattraper ^^
Ohh je savais pas
Si je passe en suisse j'irais le visiter avec toi!
Adanel's avatar
Owiii!! Viens en Suisse!! =D Je retournerai voir le musée avec plaisir!!^^
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
I LOVE the outfit!!! It fits perfectly! Love Love Love 
Adanel's avatar
Aww, thank you so much!!^^ I'm glad you like it!! =D
PlatinaIsWatchingYou's avatar
You are very welcome :D
Adanel's avatar
Aww, thanks!!!^^
Gusmansyah's avatar
He/She is good looking if i say at least. :)
Adanel's avatar
He! It's he! I sort of say it in the description! ^^ (female delphox are just completely weird, I'll never draw these... things!)

Thank you a lot!^^
Gusmansyah's avatar
And also no problem. ;)
yuyulin-art's avatar
aaaah sympa ! :D j'aime beaucoup son design !
Adanel's avatar
Merci!!!! =D Tu es trop gentille!!!!!! ^^
Jay-Law's avatar
Delphox as Charlot, what inspired the connection?
Goupelin/Chaplin, perhaps...
It's quirky but it's cute!
(I've seen Winick Lim draw Braixens as waiters before, so the cosplay concept is a familiar - but welcome - one! ^-^
Adanel's avatar
haha, not exactly. It was just after visiting a Chaplin's museum. I thought Delphox had the same kind of big throusers and was always carrying a long stick. XD Plus, he has quite messy "hair" and looks funny, just like our beloved actor! =)

What is winick lim?
Jay-Law's avatar
:iconwinick-lim: Here's a few examples
cats are (apparently)
werewolves are fearsome slobs (which apparently explains why Maroon likes Midnight)
and a waiter-Braixen
Lately he's been drawing Eeveelutions as part of a coffee-shop related series.
Jay: *runs away screaming*
Oops, sorry Jay. o_~
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