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Three Doctors and Their Companions



This was a commission I did for Dragon*Con a couple years back, but I never posted it because I had intended to color it. Now it seems like that ship has sailed - if it was going to get color, it would have happened by now. I've got too much else on my plate, unfortunately. And oh, the plans I had! 

This is basically every significant companion/partner of the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors*, from regular series appearances and Christmas specials. Even got Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All in there, and the genetic duplicate of the 10th Doctor that went to the other dimension with Rose. This was a lot, lot, lot of fun to do, as much for reminiscing on good times gone by as for the drawing itself.

*YES I KNOW CLARA ISN'T IN IT. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME. This was done before she made any appearances in the show. Before she was even announced! There was no way I could have known she'd show up. It's part of why I'm not going to color it or make a print out of it - I know that, if I did, I'd spend all day at conventions hearing "Where's Clara?!" or "You forgot ________" or "Where's the NEW Doctor?" or whatever. I didn't "forget" anybody, I simply drew it long before any of those characters were announced.

The only character I could conceivably be charged with "forgetting" is Kazran Sardick, and I didn't forget him - I chose not to include him for space reasons. So there. :p

EDIT: You can download this in really high resolution, so if anybody out there wants to try coloring it themselves, go to town! Just let me know in the comments if you did so I can see your work.
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I love this. Would you mind if I passed out copies at a Doctor Who event? We're hosting a "Cookie and Crayons" hour which will include crayons, Doctor Who coloring, some pages to color on site and cookies. I'd love to include your drawing in our packet.