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The Women of DC Comics

By AdamWithers
This was a massive undertaking; 24"x32", Photoshop color over inks/pencils. The Black & White piece was finished early in 2006 for a Gallery show Comfort Love and I shared, and the color was done that summer.

This piece could be seen as the Women of DC Comics the month before Infinite Crisis hit, since many of them have been removed/killed/drastically altered since then. It's heavily influenced by, and a sort of tribute to, my personal Artistic hero, Adam Hughes. The man has done more to drive my art than any other single person, and continues to inspire with each piece he produces.

The characters included here are (L to R): Back Row-- Stargirl, Hawkgirl, Fire, Starfire, Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Jade, & Raven. Front Row-- Catwoman, Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, Oracle, Zatanna, Mary Marvel, Donna Troy, Power Girl and Wonder Woman.
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Colorful in the sky. Black and white except ww on the ground
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Wondrously Superb Work!:clap:

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Diana and Karen should be almost a head taller and have wider body, otherwise epic:D
Hopefully one day Barbara would get an author with a bit of common sense writing her.
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Your artwork is just Glorious!!
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Thank you. This is a much older piece now (this one is a much newer/better version of what I was trying to do here), but I still have good memories of how it felt to finish this all those years ago. It was a major milestone in my growth as an artist.
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Be cool if Vixen were here.
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beautiful picture.
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Awensome Job on them, I loved it
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Yyyyyep. She's got such a great look.
This needs some Ice (Especially since Fire is included here!), Vixen, Aquagirl, Kid Flash (Iris West), Artemis (Not an Amazon an Archer one!) And Miss Martian - and this would be a complete line-up!...
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If you note the date this was made, Irey West, Artemis, and Miss Martian didn't yet exist, Ice and Aquagirl were both dead, and Vixen hadn't been given anything significant to do in the comics in decades. Granted, she had a pretty good turn on JLU. I probably could've found a spot for Vixen. You got me with that one. ;)
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As in Young Justice Artemis? You'll note by the date posted that this piece was made many years before Young Justice was released. Artemis didn't exist yet, so I couldn't have included her! :D
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Oh. Im sorry.  I didnt look at the date it was made. And yes I ment YJ Artemis.
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She was a great character. I'll never not be sad that YJ is over.
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ill never not be sad that they killed Kid Flash. and yah, it was a great show. I hear that this year there combining it with Teen Titans Go.
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Ugh, don't remind me. The show nobody wanted is getting a brief YJ cameo and that's supposed to make it all okay? It just makes us all think of what we lost.
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Exactly. Theres like... NO WAY to use yj in a teen titans form. Now if they were to use tbe original form it might accually work, but its not.
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epic!! this one loks very good,mate!!
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