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Shepard, Tali, and Liara



Commission from Emerald City Comic Con 2014; Copic marker, ink, white paint pen, colored pencil.

Three of the Normandy gals getting together for a group pic. I'm glad Mass Effect has remained in the geek consciousness so long. A lot of games, even the most popular ones, either never break into the comic sphere (re: people at cons aren't clamoring for commissions of them) or are big for a season or a year and then gone. It's been a couple years since ME3 came out, and it's still a regular sketch request. That makes me happy.

Now if only I'd get more Ashley requests, I'd be a satisfied feller. :D
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I like this because of the non-default FemShep. Hard to find her sometimes, because the default has almost become as normalised as the bro-shep one. Which is a shame... because FemShep was the great one for diversity and representation symbolism, being the underdog representative on a lot of sexist issues (a female soldier?! Oh my!) but equally not having a on-the-box standard meant she was often any colour, any hair style, just... anyshep.

I guess as this was a commission, I probably shouldn't ask, but it'd be nice if I could add this to the albums of a Facebook page I admin sometime (called Mass Effect Female Shepard). It's nice to see 'team' pictures. :)