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Created as an illustration for our How-To book (available now at Amazon and finer Comics and Book stores everywhere!) to create a comparison with the Telepath emotion sheet here:

Telepath Emotion Sheet by AdamWithers

We wanted to contrast two characters and show how different people express emotions differently. It would have been easy to go with Kid Quick or Singe, who have such big, over-the-top emotional ranges. We chose Quake instead because he's a great example of somebody who tends to do smaller expressions. He doesn't wear it all on his face, so you have to be more subtle with him. Until he explodes, I guess, but hey  - don't we all?

It was also a chance to get used to his new hairstyle for Uniques season 2. We realized late in the game on season 1 that we'd given two of our leads not only the same hair color, but essentially male/female versions of the same hair style. It wasn't something everybody noticed, but it's a bad idea to have that kind of redundancy in your main characters. We thought this new style was a way of showing Quake taking steps toward respectability and adulthood.
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