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Here, at last, is my tribute to Overwatch - a game I don't play, don't really super want to play, but which features characters I really like anyway. My kingdom for an Overwatch TV show. :(

This one was a lot of work (that's a lot of characters to squeeze into one shot). Originally streamed it live on Twitch, which is something we're doing with all our big pinuppy stuff now. Want to watch me and Comfort work? Check us out Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights at 10 PM EST!

You can also watch speed videos of the drawing here and the color here.

It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope the Overwatch fans are happy. :)
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Anyone else got the JLU theme in their heads looking at this?

good work, looks great :)
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I agree with you I’ve never played this game. But I’ve seen the shorts and trailers and this would be perfect for a movie or tv show (which may be perfect for Netflix). Seriously why are they not doing that.
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This is a mighty tribute picture to the ever-growing Overwatch cast. I am certain an Overwatch animated project of some sort is in the works as I type this. The game is practically an anime already, how hard is it to slap together some episodes for us? My one friend and nephew who play it weekly would love this picture, I am sure. 
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Very nice piece. Kinda has a Justice League Unlimited vibe to it.
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I smell Zarya x terMEInator here...
WONDERFUL job, my dear! ☆☆☆
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Aww man, i lovve reaper to much to call him a villian
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But he iiiis tho
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I love this picture. Can i use it for my pc background? Thanks
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Nice twist to have the villains on sort of "wanted monitors". Makes sense too, lore-wise. They're not really heroes despite being called it in-game. More text-book villains. I'm also so happy you can barely see Roadhog, as I loathe him so.

Excellent piece. Must get a copy next time I see you guys.
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There's something we can agree on - Roadhog is the worst! :XD:
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AMEN. I utterly relish every (and I do mean every) time I kill him. Every. Single. Time.

Although, I WILL admit that his "violence is usually the answer" line is pretty funny. But still; most broken character in the game along with Mei (who I like in personality but despise in gameplay terms). My top 5 would be Genji, Tracer, D.Va, Winston, and Soldier 76.
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One of the best group pictures ever XD
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No problem, I love the way you portrayed the characters, especially Junkrat :D
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Awesome! ♥
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looks awesome, too bad your streaming times translate bad into my timezone, would love to watch a creation live, but 4am isnt my time exactly ;)
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Oof! Sorry for that. The trouble with timezones, huh? Well, if we ever do any special shows that start earlier (like... MUCH earlier! :XD: ) you'll read about it here or on our Twitter and can tune in then.
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