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Booster Gold and The Doctor

Commission from Otakon 2013; Copic marker, ink, white paint pen, colored pencil.

Sometimes somebody hands you a commission idea that's just... perfect. This crossover could get me reading a DC comic again. I just... wow. Fun.
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Made even funnier when I remember Booster's brief run as a defender of the time stream.
Ryanator50's avatar
I feel like Booster's Son is probably more like the Doctor, but they did both steal an antique time machine.
AdamWithers's avatar
:shrug: I draw what I get commissioned to draw.
bonnybanshey's avatar
NO BAD BOOSTER GOLD (hits with rolled up newspaper)
AdamWithers's avatar
Ha! Sorry, but he ain't housebroken yet. Much as Blue Beetle tries...
bonnybanshey's avatar
I don't mind them as long as they don't try to steal the tardis
RMan021's avatar
I miss Booster Gold. :(
AdamWithers's avatar
I miss being able to enjoy reading DC comics. :shrug:
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Booster! Bad, bad hero, no cookies for you!
Damn, you are really good at comedy art ^_^. And not only that, it's good art, so everyone wins! :D
AdamWithers's avatar
Thanks a bunch. I love drawing expressive characters, and that lends itself to humor well. And some commission requests... well, the jokes just write themselves. :XD:
JoshuaDavidRobinson's avatar
XD *drink comes out through nose* hey my nose is no longer stuffed up, yay! :D Seriously hilarious picture.
AdamWithers's avatar
I believe I've done my job. :nod:
dynakor's avatar
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This is outstanding!
AdamWithers's avatar
Thanks! Glad you enjoy it so much. :D
lordhadrian's avatar
bozhell94's avatar
Instant platinum!!! :XD:
AdamWithers's avatar
Hah! Booster Platinum. :D
AmeNoTenshi's avatar
can you throw in superman? :lol:
AdamWithers's avatar
Nobody throws in Superman. He's way to heavy to just toss around. You politely ask him to join the picture. ;)
hbrika's avatar
Comedy at it's finest. Love this!
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