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A few words about the current status of EMPOWERED, the Dark Horse-published "sexy superhero comedy" comic of mine that's been dominating my DA gallery of late...

First up, and most importantly, I thought I'd address a question that's come up in the comments a fair bit... Here's how to snag yo'self a copy of EMPOWERED vol.1, if you can't find it at your local comics retailer or bookstore (though you could, of course, ask your local comics retailer or bookstore to order it for you):

From the DarkHorse.com page for EMPOWERED (where, BTW, you can see a 14-page preview and download an EMPOWERED desktop image)...


...you can click on the "buy this product now" link to go to Things From Another World, DH's online shop:


...et voila, you can order up your very own copy. (Note that you can preorder EMPOWERED vol. 2, as well...) Alternatively, you can go to Amazon.com and order EMP 1 there, where the book is ranked a sizzlin' hot #22,244 (ouch):


If you really enjoyed the book, I might humbly suggest that you consider posting a review at TFAW.com or Amazon.com, if you're into posting reviews at all. If not, no biggie; thanks much for buying the book, period. Additional "mucho thanks" to the many Deviants who have posted kind words about EMP in the comments, here; whilst I was hacking and flailing away at the last clumps of new stories, chapter breaks, revisions and relettered pages to finish off EMPOWERED vol. 2, your positive feedback on EMP 1 was keenly appreciated, buoying me up considerably during the final few grinding weeks of work.   

As it turns out, EMPOWERED vol. 1 has just gone back to press for a second printing, which is pretty good for a $15 shrink-wrapped book that's been out less than four months. Side note: Damn, but we came so very close to not shrink-wrapping the book... I even removed a few incriminating "spit-strings" from certain panels, in a failed attempt to avoid the Dread Wrap. Oh, well.

A non-EMP-related side note: Due to my hotel arrangements falling through, I've had to cancel my usual trip to the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of the month. I've received a few kind offers to sponge off of other folks' hotel rooms, but I've already made other plans for the week of the con... More specifically, with no mainstream work on tap at the present, I've made other plans for the $1500+ expenditure that the SDCC trip usually racks up! It's possible that I might be hitting a wider array of conventions in the next year or two, now that I (sorta) have a regular book coming out; since I stopped getting invited to Otakon, I've only done the SDCC as a regular convention stop.

Regardless, in the next few weeks I'll be hacking away at the commissioned sketches I was supposed to deliver to the SDCC this year (and will instead be mailing); I'll post those suckers as I finish 'em.

Anyhoo, in the days to come, I'll post about three more chapter breaks, a recap page, the opening double-page spread and a few other gewgaws from EMPOWERED vol. 2. As the book's release nears, I'll prolly post a few, brief portions of story pages here, too. (I could rack up some decent pageviews for, say, the garter-tastic, eyeglasses-ariffic opening page from "Smart Girl", even though it's in B&W...)

Have yourselves a good one, and I'll talk at ya later.


Whoops, almost forgot... Heh. I've received the green light from Dark Horse for EMPOWERED vol. 3, due out in March 2008. Work will be commencing forthwith, needless to say... I'll be cranking out the cover within the next week or two, so stay tuned, yo.
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Dear Adam,

I'm one of those fanboys that bought Empowered Vol. 1 primarily because of its superheroine bondage elements. But I must say that she has really grown on me such that she's a much more compelling and real superheroine. Now I read Empowered to cheer her on, on her misadventures, rather than for the bondage element. [Mind you, I still love them though!]

Thank you for the wonderful characterisation and story-telling.

[BTW, you wouldn't be able to just give a hint about the suit's true nature, would you?]
Emp is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread! Congratulations and may there be many, many more volumes to come.
hrhtomas's avatar
Back in your Mar. 21, 2007 journal entry you said that if Empowered failed then you'd give up drawing. Does the second printing of vol. 1 and the greenlighting of vol. 3 mean we dodged that particular bullet? Don't keep us in suspense, man! You are one of the top 10 best writer/artist double threats in the history of the medium. The loss of the Adam Warren art spiggot would be an unbearable blow to Western Civilization.
ren128's avatar
At last the vol. 1 of empowered arrived!!! (at last thespanish post service works fine!!!) :dance:

Wonderful work Warren, maybe I'll get the 2nd volume too ^^

Have you thought about publishing it overseas?
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Holy McCrackertypants... I had no idea that you're on DA. I am so in love with Empowered! I've been a big fan of your work since the earlier Gen13 stuff, and now that I found the first Emp volume, that adoration's been rekindled. I also got the book, "Mangaka" (er, titlemuch, me?) yesterday at the local Borders, and before I was distracted by the other eyecandy, got mostly through your preface.

You're definitely one of the artists that influence me, and I am very, very glad I found your gallery here. Totally a fangirl.

Thank you, dude. :)
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I just got the first volume in the mail last night, and I blazed through it. It was just such a fun book to read. Absolutely hilarious. I can't wait until Vol. 2 is available. :)
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Man! I just ordered Empowered in the UK, from [link], and it's not coming out until September :( ... and October for vol. 2.
Omar-Dogan's avatar
I was hoping I'd see you again at SDCC, maybe next year?

I wish you all the best on Empowered!
Rubicandt's avatar
I picked it up the moment I saw it on the shelves, a few months back. I truely have to say that Empowered is more of a "comic book" than most super hero comics,




... and Ninjette is my favorite character.
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Awww, I was really hoping to get my copy signed and hoping for a sketchbook or sketch or some such proof that I finally got to see you again.

Please try for another west coast con? Perhaps Anime Vegas, Mikomicon, or Animagic? I'm sure all 3 would love to have you (I can say honestly, since I know 2 of the 3's presidents)
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um ya i feel stupid saying this but where can i get it?
AdamWarren's avatar
You can order it from your local comics retailer or bookstore, if they're not already carrying it (even my local Barnes & Noble stocks it, and I'm way the hell out in the boonies)... or you can order it online, at either Dark Horse's store:


or from Amazon.com:


Hope that helps!
Out-Take's avatar
yeah it does. thanks alot for actually repling to my message. and your comic strips in PSM magazine are still funny as hell.
EricMor's avatar
Playing resident evil 4, eh?!? Sweel! :D
Practice headshots with the ZOOM feature, that's the secret (i finished the game without knowing it at first... agh :O)
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Congrats on the pick up for Vol. 3 & a second printing. I had hoped that chasing some friends to pick it up themselves wasn't for naught!
PsychoAndy's avatar
Yay! At least two more volumes of EMPOWERED to look forward to!
BorgmanJayce's avatar
I will definitely be buying Volume 2 AND 3 of Empowered when they come out even tho I got teased by the manager of one of my local import comic book stores in Liverpool [Forbidden Planet, in case anyone is wondering! *L*] as I was too busy to pick up Volume 1 for a couple of weeks even tho I kept asking where it was as it was delayed a lot on arrival...
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I work at a comic store, and vol. 1 has been selling pretty steadily (which is awesome, as the shop is pretty heavily mainstream focused), so I'm happy to hear it'll be continuing. More, er, power to you. ^_^;;

The shrinkwrap was a little unfortunate, but doesn't seem to be hurting it. If anything, it's made a few people perk up their ears and hope for more porn than is actually present.
okamiito's avatar
As a new(ish) staff member of Otakon, I'd like to state for the record that my superiors are obviously short-bus-riding mental invalids for not inviting you. Then again, how much do you really miss a convention that spawned a one-page manga titled "How Do I Get Rid of My Funky Body Odor?" with detailed instructions on how to use the shower, soap, deodorant, and a toothbrush? (It was a hand-out at the front door last year...)
JRAD's avatar
whoa, way past sweet my man, vol. 3 approved and here i am still drooling over the waiting list for vol. 2, i swear man you draw crack for my brain
Inkthinker's avatar
Congratulations on the third volume! Keep it coming!

On a side note, do you really think shrink-wrapping the book is that harmful to sales? Seems like there's a good number of books that are coming out that way (Berserk, MPD Psycho, and presumably the upcoming hyper-violence-n-sex series GANTZ), and while it may be that there's marginal loss when you can't flip through a book on the shelf, if they're gonna wrap you anyhow, then I'd just as soon you were as bad as you wanna be.
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I must go to my local comic shop and make sure you're on tap! ^_^ I loved Empowered one!
SirceUnlimited's avatar
i need to get off my ass and friggin get your book. I'm lazy, and whilst enjoying the work here, I fail to leave the computer. that's just the type of nerd I am, *sigh*

but that's pretty great, I was rooting for EMP 3. even though I've yet to read it, I just got a damned good feeling about it.
ero-gakusei's avatar
Summer Ale, East Coast Rap, and EMP vol. 2 and 3.

Life is good.
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