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WAYWARD variant cover inks

Behold, my inks for a variant cover I drew for the first issue of Wayward, the fine Image comic written by my bud :iconzubby: and drawn by the great Steve Cummings. Coincidentally, this is very likely the last piece I'll ever ink with my once-beloved Japanese "maru" pen-tips, as they've proven increasingly temperamental in terms of ink and paper-surface issues. Nowadays, I've switched over to PITT artist pens, which are far, faaaar more reliable and easy to use.

Below, my initial roughs for the cover:

WAYWARD variant cover rough #2 by AdamWarren WAYWARD variant cover rough #1 by AdamWarren
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i love the skirt and the long gloves effect :)
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I get good results from certain brands of Maru pen nibs - Namely Deleter & Tachikawa. I've recently been using the Tachikawa T77 which is a softer maru nib - feels similar to a Hunt 102, but slightly softer while maintaining the thinner line of the maru pen. All the Zebra Maru-pens I've used lately have been wrecking havoc on my paper. 500 and 400 series bristol, Eon Comic Art Board, or I-C inc. manuscript paper has been the only paper I've found to be reliable with the maru pen. Canson's bristol gives okay results, better than 300 series bristol. I don't know if you're still using Higgin's Black Magic, but if so, try something else. I've experienced a LOT of issues with Black Magic on various papers (namely Strathmore & Eon Board). It's been reformulated and isn't like what it was 10 years ago. The Maru-pen is a great pen, and I'd hate to see you stop using them because of Ink and Paper reformulations!

Again, as always, great job on the piece!
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Nice detail on this one! Love your inking style. My only problem with this seems to be the right shoulder joint. The joint anatomy looks a bit off to me.
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I do like the way you eliminated the necessity for shape defining line; thereby creating softer seeming volume and mass. It is an elegant solution for an already powerful image. Well done.
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another masterful piece :)
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I like the fact that there are no lines for the arms making them look more like cloth. Nice!
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wow that's awesome ^___
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