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Swirly cityscape page from EMPOWERED vol.11

By AdamWarren
What the heck, already posted this image on Twitter and Instagram a while back, so why not here?

Anyhoo, here's a key page from (well into) next year's Empowered vol.11, featuring a fun but challenging cityscape shot using psychedelic swirliness to convey the insane yet awesome telepathic power being unleashed by Mindf**k's brother. (Yeahp, he's so cuh-razy that not only are his spiky telepathic thought balloons inverted to white-on-black, but his Es are backward. Look out!)

If this reference is puzzling to an Empowered reader who's been away from the series for a while, why not go back and check out last year's Empowered vol.10, whose cliffhanger set up this volume's epic mayhem?…
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still cant believe you left vol 10 at a cliffhanger AND then made the next volume double the length of time away from every other volume. such torture.
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I´ve just finished Emp's volume 10 and... seriously? I am not gonna say that you, Adam, have gone all G.R.R. Martin on us because you've not killed (that much) of characters, especially the ones we love. But man, you really make us fear for them. I mean, you put them in such dangers facing such cruel and powerful enemies... I truly believed Jette could be saying her goodbyes in that confrontation with the ninja clan.

And now this. When I got to that final page of volume 10 I thought: What?! Come on!! A cliffhanger involving this guy, whom we all thought was past history, but the tales of him were enough to make us shiver?!

Isn't enough with Willy Pete and Deathmonger?! Because I've been fearing the confrontation with Pete. During Emp's battle with Deathmonger I was sure she was gonna win, but that dude is creepier than the Night King, and is still around.

You are one of the best to give real suspense to your stories and make us care for the characters you have created. And also, to truly fear the villains, an amazing feat for something we read on printed paper, when most of the bad guys in movies, even the spooks in horror movies, make us laugh or yawn. I applaud you, sir.
heymatt's avatar
Ok. That's totally rad.
RichardLeach's avatar
we have to wait till next year? :faint:
kyrtuck's avatar
oooooh, I'm so scared! :O
Overule's avatar
So I still have some catching up to do (left off at the end of volume 9) but uh... is Willy Pete comin' back any time soon? Easily one of my top 5 favorite villains of all time, and I feel like I've been waiting for him to make good on his threats for an eternity.

"Ol' Willy Pete always collects... *always.*"
kyrtuck's avatar
I always suspected the confrontation with Wily was gonna be the final arc in Empowered.
Nico6688's avatar
That's really cool
ComiKen's avatar
Based SOLELY on this character's mention from earlier volumes, this is gonna be sick and crazy. :scared: 
NecroTechno's avatar
As someone who's read a *lot* of comics, I gotta say, this guy is probably one of the more unnerving supervillains I have ever seen. His powers, what he's done to himself and others.... seriously scary. 
jvanalstine1's avatar
Hurry up and draw the comic! The suspense is killing me~! I must know how Elisa gets out of this one!
SlimeKingK's avatar
That's some mild spoilers, if you're caught up!   Can't wait for the next book!
TheGraphicNovelist's avatar
This is some fantastic ink work! 
It's art like this which often reminds me why good old black & white comics  can be just as striking (if not more so) than those printed in color :D
Anubis--03's avatar
Whoa, it makes be dizzy just looking at it; how can you spend hours drawing that without hurting your eyes?
JnFProductions's avatar
Getting a Frank Miller vibe from this.
SlaveLynnGreen's avatar
After that cliffhanger, I'm hanging on the edge of my seat.  (Also eagerly awaiting Trades of a few minis.)
aidenke's avatar
I feel like somewhere, Darkwing Duck's slogan should be used: "Let's Get Dangerous..."

Looking forward to seeing how this chase is going to play out in EMP11.
vvvan's avatar
Satisfaction is found in small things... like warping reality on a city-wide level.  Zen Bow, Male 
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Ooo ... I have a bad feeling about this.  I think I know who this one is and what he could be up to.
NRGComics's avatar
WOW! Sweet effects!
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
Well this is going to end poorly.
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