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Spooky+smilodon panel from EMPOWERED vol.12!

From the upcoming Empowered vol.12, a safari-garbed Sistah Spooky gets a hug from a very friendly saber-toothed cat in a scene that rather shamelessly self-homages a Mughi bit from Dirty Pair: Plague of Angels. Note that the whiskers were drawn on a separate overlay, then inverted in Photoshop and layered over the pencil art; I've only now gotten around to using this technique (which was possible in comics publishing long before the advent of Photoshop, BTW), but gotta say that it sure beats trying to achieve the same effect with hand-applied white-out directly on the original art.

Can't give you an ETA on Empowered vol.12, as I'm not putting it on the schedule until the book's at least 75% completed, and I'm a long ways off from that number.
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As long as it's in progress. I enjoyed the ish outta Vol.11, looking 4ward to 12

I'm really looking forward to Volume 12. The sooner it's released, the better!

I've been collecting 'Empowered' since it first dropped onto the shelves and I'm hoping this one will tie off some more of the BIG threads that have been ongoing elements of the main storyline for more than half of the volumes (and who knows HOW many years?!). Anyway, please don't keep us hanging like George R.R. Martin is to HIS fans for TOO much longer, okay? Keep up the excellent work, sir!

-(P.S.- Am I the only one who thinks the illustrator of that abysmal 'I Am Not Starfire' might have "borrowed" some of Adam's artistic stylings...? Maybe it's just me.)

Man, I can't wait for 12! I have every issue and comic. Really hoping Spooky comes clean about the early sabotaging and the embarrassment spell. been aching for that scene.

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This. Is. Precious

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Awwww, Love the emotion in this one. Great job.
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the drawing is beautiful and you are an exceptional artist, but the tail of the smilodon is too long.
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Spooky has the coolest friends.  I hope we get to see the cat rub its cheeks on her in that way that cats do.
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Awwww it could tear her face off.
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It's great but I'm not sure if Sistah Spooky deserve it...
Nice work
Looking forward to the day Empowered vol.12 is released :)
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so beautiful Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
they are so adorable :D :D :D
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Nice kitty...nice, extremely large, powerful, saber-toothed kitty....!

=P (Razz) 
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Now this is exactly the kind of art that brings a smile to my face. Awesome job.
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Good morning, AAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!HugHugHug.   
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Love your art style, Mr. Warren... you've been one of manga's legends for longer than I can remember, and a personal inpsiration to me as an artist, so thank you. :nod:
He may have been in your Dirty Pair comics twice and only once in an active role, but I miss Mughi.
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This is so precious I'm gonna cry! He looks so happy <3
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I'm still not sure if Sistah Spooky got her arm back after all this time. She always has a shoulder hidden when she's on the page.
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Spooky has both arms in High School Hell, which happens after the story in which she and EMP go to Hell, but apparently after Vols. 11 and 12. But I think High School Hell was published before those. I'm so confused.

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