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Sketch set of SCOOBY DOO's Velma, via Procreate

From an art request on my Patreon, here's a sketch set of SCOOBY DOO’s Velma drawn with the Procreate iOS art app. For any nitpickers out there, my scribbles obvsly skew way more in the Joel Jurion “sexy Velma” direction than the canonical character designs. (In fact, two of the pics are photoreferenced from cosplayers with a similar bent.) If you’re looking for on-model Hanna Barbera riffs, my Patreon ain’t the place to find ‘em, alas. Anyhoo, this is another wee step in my journey of digital experimentation, as I’m trying to find a Procreate brush analogous to my beloved (if mislabeled) “pencil” brush from MediBang Paint.

(BTW, her "glasses" word balloon has to do with the fact that my own eyeglasses don't work well at all in concert with a magnifying glass; apparently, this is not the case for other folks, judging by comments I've received.)

For an Instagram time-lapse version of the piece (which I could not seem to post here, despite multiple tries), check here.
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You're the first artist I've seen who makes her look nice and thicc. Garnet Thumbs (Emoticon) 
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Scoovy, scooby, scooby doo.
Even if you wear glasses you actually still need to use a magnifying glass. if you want a god look at very small things... <sigh> You got to love having poor eyesight... =/

Also, Velma's glasses lens is as thick as a textbook. So she can't see jack even with them.
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why wouldn't you use the magnifying glass with glasses? if you need to examine something in close detail then a magnifier is wonderful.

Also, I always love Velma, barring her position in a romantic plot tumor in Mystery Inc
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Ho boy!  I've done a few renders of Velma in my time.  Great work!
Zapan99's avatar
That feeling when you learn your favorite comic book artist is a fan of your favorite bande dessinée artist.
kirbyribbon's avatar
Can we see her feet?
Velma's canonical character design has always been pretty thicc.
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Jinkies! This is too cool, even in simple sketch. I've been a fan of yours since Dirty Pair: Fatal But Not Serious. Thank you!
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still awesome stuff! Can't go wrong with a gal in a turtleneck sweater & glasses, especially Velma!
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It's never occurred to me to take my glasses off to use a magnifying glass. And, like Velma, I can't see without my glasses.
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Your version of Velma is adorable!
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning friend, Velma look good, nice poses!!!!.
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Oh my Gosh! Best Velma Ever!
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I use a mounted lighted magnifier so I can bring the object into focus under the magnifier, then my glasses enable me to make out all of the fine detail. It works!
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Yeah great work bunneh icon12 
Atariboy2600's avatar
STLOrca's avatar
“Sexy Velma”? Is there any other kind of Velma?
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