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ROBOTECH pin-up fo' Wildstorm

An illo that Joe Wight and I did for ROBOTECH, back during the brief period when Wildstorm had the license. I did the line art for the characters, and Joe knocked himself out with a fine job of painting the Veritech from scratch. (When you're collaborating with Joe, you'd have to be out of your mind NOT to leave all the hardware depiction to him.)

Yep, that's a remarkably broad-shouldered Rick/ Hikaru with Minmei, NOT Chun Li, as some clue-challenged folks have assumed. Dunno why, but the idea of a brawny-looking Rick (which is wildly at odds with Mikimoto's slender wisp of an original design, of course) amused me to no end.

Yeah, the resolution kinda sucks, but this is the only version of the piece I could find.
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InevitableH's avatar
Thank you. Brings back childhood.
Andy1979's avatar
Much as I don't like the Rick and Minmei pairing this is a great bit of art.
Nice bit of art there.
sylviaD's avatar
Minmei has awesome legs. :D
OrangeLetters88's avatar
Looks better than the show xD
Strumwulf's avatar
Nice to see this art.
macrossmecha's avatar
Hey can you do Klan Klan from Macross Frontier
FeMaCaRo's avatar
Macross !
Great job :D
Phenometron's avatar
Nicely done, Adam. ;)
master-ninjabear's avatar
Rick's a teenager when he enlists in the RDF.
Makes sense he'd bulk up and muscle out a bit---fighter pilots need a physique like that.
What I wanna know is why Minmeii has her tongue lolling out like that?
Eric1833's avatar
My boyfriend love's his plane. Long live macross
ZeroSlash's avatar
Oh yes, that Chun-Li comment in your description definitely gave me a smile from ear to ear.
MADstarter's avatar
If a new version of Robotech is ever made, these two characters SHOULD end up together! As much a fan as I am of the couple Rick Hunter-Lisa Hayes, Minmei and Rick also make a GREAT couple! ;) :)
tacoshack27's avatar
I'm a huge Robotech fan and I love this piece of artwork. I love the look of the broader shouldered Rick Hunter. The design for Minmei is amazing as well. I would love to see an updated version with these types of character styles.
Madpredator's avatar
Wow, Rick and a young Chun li! Awesome!!
EntOnFire87's avatar
This looks awesome!
artofJEPROX's avatar
Awesome, plain & simple!
rudeboy308's avatar
Best version of Minmay EVER! If you don't get moved by Minmay's songs in some way or another while watching Macross, I don't trust you. Interesting version of Hikaru--reminds me of the more muscular versions of the Marvel Comics characters of John Romita Jr. (e.g. the Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil, for just three of my favorites), but without the facial hair. How about one with Roy Focker and Claudia, or Max and Milia, or even the bridge girls?
i saw this cover in a videogame pirate here in mexico you are an ecellent author great mangaka
sicherheitpolizei's avatar
YURI- wait, wrong comic. MINMEI!!!
7thGunman's avatar
hehe is it me or that flight stick is too conveniently placed?
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