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Old DIRTY PAIR, extra pouty



Behold, the last piece of old artwork that I'll be posting for a while, as I'm about to begin a week-long barrage of material promoting next week's release of Empowered vol. 6 [link] , the latest installment in my ongoing "sexy superhero comedy" series published by Dark Horse Comics.

Here are two commissioned sketches of the Dirty Pair circa 2000, depicted in an exaggeratedly over-the-top "extra pouty" fashion just to give additional annoyance to folks already annoyed by my scandalous tendency to draw lips on my characters. Enjoy, haters! Keep in mind, though, that a fair number of "real"—that is, Japanese—mangaka and chara designers do, in fact, depict prominently indicated lips on some of their characters as well. Gasp! Even more shockingly, a few of them even draw "soup coolers" far more exaggerated than what I'm showing here... Double gasp! (That being said, the "poutiness" on display here is really a bit much.)

As you might guess from looking at the two sketches, I had a definite tendency to mess around with alternative versions of Kei and Yuri's faces, hair, and costume designs when I had to crank out large numbers of Dirty Pair commissions. The truth is, I get bored very, very easily while doing straight illustrations like this (which is how Empowered came about, but that's another story), so I would constantly tinker with DP design variations to keep myself interested. Oddly enough, the chara and costume redesigns used in Dirty Pair: Start the Violence and Run from the Future came about from precisely this sort of commissioned-sketch tinkering... (Many of which were illos of the Lovely Angels "in distress," but that's yet another story.)

In any event, neither of these particular DP design iterations were ever intended to be "canonical", for whatever that's worth. For more Kei 'n' Yuri variational wackiness, take a look in me DP gallery: [link]

...and you'll see shenanigans like the "hot pants and garter belt" DP outfit...

...which, you'll notice, wound up being part of the superhero costume sported by Empowered's Sistah Spooky. Wheeee!
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