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New IRON MAN armor design 1

Behold, the first of three pages of design sheets for the new version of Tony Stark's armor that's featured in IRON MAN: HYPERVELOCITY, the six-issue miniseries I wrote and laid out for Marvel Comics. Flogging alert: HYPERVELOCITY's issue #2 is on sale today (2/7/07), or so I'm told.

The armor design has a bit of the "Kenichi Sonoda flava," which is perhaps not entirely surprising, given that I used to do a BUBBLEGUM CRISIS comic based on his design work. (And, FWIW, I used to be the "rewrite guy" on the American translation of his manga CANNON GOD EXAXXION.) Whilst grinding out a BGC-related commission recently, I was surprised to discover that I can still draw the Knight Sabers' hardsuits (and hairstyles!) from memory, more or less, even though it's been a zillion years since I drew BUBBLEGUM CRISIS: GRAND MAL...
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i like your concept of iron man, REALLY COOL !!!!