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JUBILEE con sketch

By AdamWarren
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A recent-ish con sketch (summer 2006) of Jubilee from the X-Men (or whatever the hell sub-group she's in nowadays).

Not bad, but something about the piece bugs me... Her face didn't quite work out the way I would've liked.
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I removed it from the favorites just to favorite it again. Because I like it a lot. :)
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Very cute!
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FemaleQuillTipStudent Traditional Artist
I'm liking this! <3 I must ask, what kind of pencils do you use? Are you using mechanical, and they jut come out awesome, or...? 8D
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AdamWarrenProfessional General Artist
I use the heavier-duty (though rather expensive) 2mm leadholders, as opposed to the flimsier .5mm mechanical pencils, which are waaaaay too fragile for the way I pencil.
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I like the overall feel of the illo--a carefree spirit until she has to spring into action. I haven't kept up with the X-Men because of the multitude of spin-offs and cross-pollinating storylines. But one title, Wolverine, I followed for a while back when. I liked the Japan story arc guest-starring Jubilee and Gambit, and the eco-terrorist story arc guest-starring Jubilee and Terror, Inc. (who had a title of his own for about a dozen or so issues).
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bowwing333Hobbyist General Artist
wow nice!
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JoshuaJordanHobbyist Artist
What a fantastic rendition of the character.
I don't care what people say about Jubilee and her "lame" powers.
I think she's effing ballz
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Grigori77Professional General Artist
Adorable take on Jubilation here. So cute!
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Too cute, Jubilee is lovely and this picture is no exception. The line and shading are lovley and you have really brought out her character.
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amazing pencil work.
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shtlProfessional Digital Artist
Yup maybe little big big face? Aaahhh noway, she's sooo cute! Love her (sigh)
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Dude. That Jubilee is too awesome for words.
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Mr. Warren you are a god among men, and without a doubt one of my absolute favorite artists!
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Surprizing art piece, even from your experienced pen, Mr Warren.

Wow. That's... perfect.
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I really love this sketch a lot. :) S'very nice.

Here's the coloured version I did. [link]
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SayuriLee25 Traditional Artist
thats wat i call shadin
she's one of my fav. x-men
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She and Logan make such an exelent foster father/daughter duo. It's beutiful.
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Very cool - I wish people would draw her more...
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paigeyProfessional Digital Artist
Damn you and your ability to take characters I despise and make them adorable!
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I love her! She's my favorite mutant of all time! Good job, I like the style!
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Again another fave character of mine, I really like the way you've bought her free spirited loving bubbly attitude out in this piece, I personally think it's to do with the face so naturally the face In my opinion worked out great for the character that she is. The pose also brings out her Jubileeness.
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I would love to see you tackle this character with a comic book style.

Mainstream, Jubilee is in her late teens/early twenties. They're bringing her in to a Civil War tie in soon, where she's not without her powers, so to speak.

I think one of the reasons you may not be satisfied with the face is that you attempted a comic book style, but were so heavily influenced by anime and manga in trying to establish Asian Features, that it came out an uneven mix of the two.

Jubilee is one of my most favorite comic book characters for a number of reasons, and I do like the efforts you made. Hope you keep at it!
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