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Illo from the GEN13 videogame

Wrapping up a brief survey of my '97-era work on Wildstorm's superteam title Gen13*, here's an illo that I did for the never-released videogame based on the franchise. Artists who'd worked on the book, such as Jeff Campbell, Adam Hughes and Jason Pearson, were hired to produce "chapter-break" images introducing each new level of the game. Here, the level in question would've apparently featured Caitlin Fairchild and Sarah Rainmaker abusing the hell out of some ill-fated IO (International Operations) flunkies.

In retrospect, I'm not a huge fan of the illo, but what the heck; thought it would be an interesting historical(?) curiosity, so here it is. FWIW, the illo reads rather more clearly in color, but I don't have access to the bright 'n' sparkly full-color version of the piece.

*Speaking of which, here are links to the previous two '97-ish Gen13 pieces I've posted recently:

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Great piece! I love Gen13!
AlexandreLancaster's avatar
Hey, it's possible to see all your collected drawn work with Gen 13 nowadays?
Madpredator's avatar
Will Caitlin have a catfight??
leeches's avatar
I miss the early 90's. And soundgarden...
EricMor's avatar
I'm rooting for YOUR characters videogames to be released!
EMPOWERED: The GAME, for PC, Xbox and Wii :D
Oizofu01's avatar
Very gorgious!^^ in my fav'!^^
Gogo-Kaibutsu's avatar
Ah, 97...
back when Gen13 made SENSE!

Great work. Too bad about the game.
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I became I big fan of the series when I read the first book. And I believe it was around the same period that I also got to know your work on the Dirty Pair. So I was really thrilled when the Bootleg Grunge: the movie came out! that's an awesome book! Congrats as always!
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Beautiful girls and amazing amount of detail!!
I love it!!
JericaWinters's avatar
I love all that detail. Looks like a fun set of characters to illustrate.
BDStevens's avatar
I like how this one comes together. So much going on but everything still reads.
arkadeTDG's avatar
you the man..nice piece
i like this one
as black and white are mixed in a noncolourfull drawing:P
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I've never read Gen13, but this pic looks awesome. Nice gun design, nice baroque pencilling and inking.
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Jason-Troxell's avatar
ahhh... the best most missused and later destroyed IP Image ever created. Its sad to see such great potential just squandered. there should be Gen13 movies right now...
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Badass is all i can say. :)
Ah, for the sake of clarity they were xox's of the penciled issue.
Coolness, I still have the xerox's that you sent me from a complete issue of Dirty Pair that you had sent me via Christmas greeting's from Toren Smith & Studio Proteus (Thank You again). This piece is similar to your work on Dirty Pair. Your work is so action packed that even thought it might look busy, it still reads well, because of the flow of the lay outs.
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Whether or not YOU'RE a fan of it, I sure am. I've never seen this before, and if the closest I can get to "new" Gen13 art is something from 13 years ago that wasn't very widely-released, I'll take it! Heh.
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Ahh that would've been awesome if there was a game~
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it's a damn shame this game never came out... would be kinda cool if it was remade for new gen consoles though... would be a huge improvement over the ps1 graphics i saw of it before... though, even those weren't too bad. eh, regardless, i don't see a game happening, considering the decline in their popularity.
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