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Header for my new(-ish) Patreon

A few years too late, finally got around to setting up a Patreon, if you wanna take a look.

The bulk of the Patreon's material (50-odd posts so far) is available at the $3 reward tier, but the "tip jar" $1 tier includes some goodies such as 600dpi raw scans of my life drawings. Originally, I was just gonna have a single $3 tier, but then thought that I should include a cheaper "tip jar" tier as well; after that, I mused, "Hey, might as well include $5 and $10 tiers in case folks are feeling extra-generous." (Eventually, a whole bunch of unpublished comics will be available at those tiers.)

From the About page, my plans for the Patreon in the months to come:

I'll be posting veritable scads and oodles of "process" material here, both for current work and from older projects. This includes material such as developmental story notes; character designs; comics roughs, layouts, and thumbnails (which, by my idiosyncratic reckoning, are all very different things); work stages on comic covers and the illustrative like; unused and/or early-draft Empowered pages; high-res scans from my life-drawing sketches; con sketches both new and old; pitches for both failed and successful projects (far more of the former than the latter, alas); fulminating, text-based rants about the nuts and bolts of comics storytelling; and even excepts from an incomplete but interesting (IMHO) Empowered prose novel.

Really wish I'd started this earlier, especially since the last year or so has not gone terribly well on the Empowered and/or overall comics career front. Still, better late than never, right...? Again, the address is:

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Perhaps that $10 tiers could be used for sketches? They could range from full sketches like the ones you do at Comic Cons, or the chili-esque ones you've posted here on DA:
2009 BATMAN and SUPERMAN con sketch by AdamWarren EMPOWERED's Spooky and Mindf**k, chibi-ish by AdamWarren EMPOWERED vol.6's cast, 'chibi de Pins' style by AdamWarren
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As far as I know, I got all of your published works thus far and will continue to do so for the future too :thumbsup:
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Your Dirty Pair got me into manga back in the day, and I've been collecting your stuff ever since.  Subscribed! :)
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We'll support you if you support us! :)