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GOLD DIGGER pin-up pencils

By AdamWarren
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A penciled sketch of heroine Gina Diggers from an upcoming tribute book (I think?) for Fred Perry's Gold Digger, which is now the longest continually running series in North American comics, if I recall correctly. The piece is largely informed by the shading-oriented life drawings I've been doing since the end of last year on Instagram and Twitter, from which I'll start posting samples over here from time to time.

My aforementioned Instagram account:…
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gorgeous ^^

and if you allow me saying, has a bit of a Manara vibe, i guess could be for how you manage the shading and her luscious wavy hair :)
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pinchback General Artist
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And has killed at least one person.
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Sweet pic of Gina with a great display of your shading and background skills, Mr Warren.  Makes me quite happy I was able to commission you many, many years ago just before I stopped attending SDCC.  I've always loved your pencils.
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Fortunato-SorsHobbyist Digital Artist
The cross hatching on this is great. 
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docmagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheGearWorkProfessional General Artist
Phenomenal texture work mate, well done!
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TheArtificerHobbyist General Artist
You forgot her glasses
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WarmicsProfessional Digital Artist
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Gold Digger!

And yea, of the active ones, I do believe it's in first place with Sonic gone.
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DaBotzHobbyist General Artist
Bella Sgnacchera Ubertosa.

- Nice, well fleshed girl. I approve.
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GallerySurferHobbyist General Artist
Nice setting :)
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JustAGeekyArtistHobbyist Traditional Artist
The hands are amazing 😱😍
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome pencils as always sir.
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gregor-kariProfessional Digital Artist
Emote| Runnin' round, doin' stuffs-andt-things... by Bluedash24theGamer
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Beane-Cat General Artist
Saw this on the front page before going into my notifications, thought, "That looks so soft and nice--like Adam Warren's art!" Click on the picture, turns out IT IS.
In any case, it looks fantastic! :clap:
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Thought the line drawing looked familiar, as in the same style of Empowered. Love that series by the way.
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wildpegasus13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! This is breathtaking!
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villadrawsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful art!! 👏😍
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Well done, Adam. I've been following Fred's work for a very long time. The way you handled the rocks and the water is as lovely as Gina.
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FollowMeHomeHobbyist Digital Artist
Really nice figure! Your directional shading totally punctuates the form. That must have taken a while! Im totally jealous of your skill and patience O_O
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JonnieL15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work! I love the background! I'm a pencil artist myself, but i can't figure out how to shade without blending sticks or tortillons >.<
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