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EMPOWERED vol.8's title-page spread, without title

By AdamWarren
Behold, the title-page spread (without the actual title and credits) from Empowered vol.8, the latest installment of my ongoing "sexy superhero comedy" series published by Dark Horse Comics. IMPORTANT NOTE: This book will hit the shelves of your Local Comics Store on DECEMBER 11th, a week earlier earlier than originally planned. More info here:… And here's a 7-page preview excerpt:…

Alas, looks like Empowered vol.8 will take a bit longer to be stocked on the shelves of conventional bookstores, including Howeva, you can order a copy online right now (which will ship out on Dec. 11th, I believe!) from Dark Horse's retail website:… Also, a digital-only version of the volume will be available fairly shortly.

I decided to show Emp effectively "cosplaying" as her former rival and nemisis, Sistah Spooky (and manifesting her powers, you'll notice) for the title pages, as the book's largely concerned with that character and her deceased lover, the ill-fated  Mindf**k, as seen here:

Emp's recurring nightmare, from EMPOWERED vol.8 by AdamWarren

The illo's other images are plot elements charged with (widely) varying degrees of narrative importance; readers familiar with Empowered vol.5 might be able to guess at the significance of the kitchen shears, for instance...

Here's the exclusive (ooh, ah!), extended version ofEmpowered vol.8's solicitation copy:

Costumed crimefighter Empowered, her week already ruined by the grueling ordeal of "Superdead Boot Camp," finds herself roped into a tragic and desperate scheme by her grief-stricken teammate Sistah Spooky. On a reckless journey from a terrifying alien arsenal to the even-more-terrifying depths of hell itself, can the bickering duo free the soul of Spooky's slain lover from eternal damnation—or have our mismatched superheroines impulsively blundered into a (quite literally) hellish trap?

EMPOWERED vol.8's front + back cover by AdamWarren

In closing, I must of course paste in the requisite general-purpose Emp-related floggery: Print copies of Empowered's first seven volumes (and numerous one-shots in comics format) can be found on the shelves of your Local Comics Retailer or bookstore, or online at Dark Horse's retail website… or on… .

All the existing Empowered books can be purchased rather more cheaply in digital form as well, via the Dark Horse Digital store:…
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Nel-C's avatar
So, do Spooky and Emp get drunk together and swap outfits? Is there a Spooky in Emp's suit lurking in your pencil?
Spacefriend-T's avatar
I think her boobs should be drooping down instead of pointing upwards like they do in this picture. Gravity should be pulling them towards her shoulders, and I think it wouldn't just look more natural, but also more sensual...
RoqueFranco97's avatar
You are a great artist, I like your work
tokyofox200's avatar
Great artwork but I'm not a fan of surreal art making it hard for me to admit it's great work..
finex666's avatar
cant wait to get it
skyounkinzero's avatar
Yay!!!  Love it!!  But Emp would so break a leg wearing Spooky's platform shoes...and probably blast something to shit by accident on the way down for good measure.
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
SlimeKingK's avatar
Your shading style never ceases to amaze me.  the blend of smooth-shading and cross-hatching... just beautiful.
Ohnhai's avatar
so. is she wearing Spook's outfit or is the suit showing off a new power (to emulate other clothes ?)
AdamWarren's avatar
She is indeed cosplaying as Spooky, but only within the wholly symbolic context of a title-page spread. (In the volume's story pages, some of the items depicted around her are actually gigantic.)
Ohnhai's avatar
yay. halfway through already (Oh Hell yeh!)  mind you it has drummed home yet further how decrepit and approaching utter uselessness my iPad is. Took nearly as long to persuade it to log in and purchase/download vol#8 as it did to read the first half..:_

I felt for our Emp waking from the dream of failing to save MF once again!  Your art is as evocatively eloquent excellence as always.

Thanks !

AdamWarren's avatar
Thanks for the in-progress book report! Gotta say, I'm not aware of any Empowered readers having done so before; it's a very cool idea.

Hope you like the second half of the book!
Ohnhai's avatar
I did indeed. Many feels were hauled out into the light and fondled... some, inappropriately! 

I only stopped reading 'cause my lunch hour was over and Spooky's 'Oh Hell Yes' seems a good place to pause.

And I'll try and remember to do a live blog of my read of Volume#9 :D  (please remind me closer to the time :D )

I'll not say too much more on this thread as it lacks sufficient Spoiler alerts :)  Save to say I strongly suspect some (a whole heap of) repercussions to follow :) I't gonna be a bumpy ride :D

And Thanx again. 
davemad's avatar
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
Whoa! Emp wearing Spooky's gloves! That looks important! OAO
alexzemke's avatar
SO glad to hear about the early early release! Still can't wait!
bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
Emp must be feeling pretty good if she can wear Spooky's itty bitty skirt and not feel all insecure.
I've always liked Emp cosplaying. Heck..I bet back in college she would have dressed up to do some larping though they probably wouldn't since she looked too much like a damsel than a fighter.
AdamWarren's avatar
"[S]he looked too much like a damsel than a fighter"?

Jeez, better not tell Emp that, as she'd no doubt be deeply offended...
bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
Not that I think that. We blondes hail from the frigid and frozen wastelands of the Vikings...we can kick butt!
Hmmm, Emp as a Valkyrie, now there might be some fun ;)
Feist's avatar
shut up and take my money
i expect there to be lots of scissoring in this volume

btw adam what's the best way to buy this? i want to make sure every possible penny goes to you.
AdamWarren's avatar
I believe buying at your local comic store or ordering through Dark Horse's aforementioned retail site probably maximizes my cut:…

Thanks much for the consideration!
DarkerEve's avatar
Emp on sister Spooky outfit :iconpervplz: this looks so good in so many ways :D
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