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EMPOWERED vol.11 #FaceYourArt challenge

In my take on the #FaceYourArt challenge, here's a montage consisting entirely of Emp faces from the upcoming (Sept. 18/Oct.1) Empowered vol.11. More info on ordering the book here.

As the various Emp faces might hint, vol.11 is an especially grueling ordeal for our long-suffering heroine. Here's the book's solicitation copy:

Costumed crime fighter Empowered finds herself the desperate prey of a maniacal supervillain whose godlike powers have turned an entire city of suprahumans against her. Outnumbered and under siege, aided only by a hero's ghost, can Emp survive the relentless onslaught long enough to free her enslaved teammates and loved ones?
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them lips ( ͡°з ͡°)
Gurdim's avatar
beautiful expressivity and awesome style :)
SabrinaPandora's avatar
Wake me up... when September ennnnds...
Zapan99's avatar
I still think Sofia Vassilieva would be the perfect cast for the Empowered movie we deserve.
GrungeWerX-Ltd's avatar
After a quick Google...yeah, I'd have to agree on that, at least from her look. Never seen her act before, but I could totally see her playing the character.
Zapan99's avatar
Sofia does the whole lovable brat with a heart of glass thing to perfection. Emp is very close to the character she played growing up, as the daughter of Patricia Arquette in the series Medium.
Y2KNW's avatar
You've no idea how much we'd love to see an animated Emp series.
FUNB0Y's avatar
I love this character. She is very sexy! :)
NRGComics's avatar
Even in sketch work she is awesome!
zorro-zero's avatar
Melissa is so awesome, I did really miss her all tihis time! :squee:
Speedslide's avatar
Someone's in for a world of pain in the bottom center panel!
kaze26's avatar
BalloonPrincess's avatar
Awesome work!  Very empowering.  :heart:
dvandom's avatar
Okay, bottom center is a definite, "The power was inside me the whole time, ****face" Crowning Moment of Awesome.
snowking68's avatar
Thank you for all the art
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