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EMPOWERED karaoke, page1

Posting something a little different, today... Here's a page from the upcoming third (yes, THIRD*) volume of EMPOWERED, the "sexy superhero comedy" I write and draw for Dark Horse Comics. (Might I add that volume 1 is on sale NOW?)

I have only thirty pages or so still "open" in EMPOWERED vol. 2 (due out in September '07), so the rather long story this page is excerpted from, "Girls and Boys", is being bumped back into EMP vol. 3... And given that we'll need to get clearance from the rights-holders to use the Blur lyrics quoted here, this story may NEVER see print (with these lyrics, at least). Oh, well.

Anyhoo, you can see the next, unfinished page of this story at:


For a larger selection of pages from EMPOWERED, you can check out this DH preview from early on in vol. 1:


...Or take a look at another EMP story in the "My Pics" section of my long-neglected MySpace page:


*Not that vol. 3 has actually been approved yet; only strong sales (and, most importantly, reorders) on the first two volumes of EMPOWERED will guarantee that that vol. 3 will ever see print. So, feel free to sing out / tell your friends/ tell the world about EMPOWERED, if you wanna see more of it...
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i keep reading it trying to make sense of what they're saying... XD
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funny tune t o sing.
I remember I was a bit ashamed to find that Blur song so catchy yet a bit. lol

I love Blur. they're such a great band, but this song was so funny gay.
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Adam, just to inform you that this picture was used here: [link]
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Always loved that song so that makes this doubly great.
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Don't know you've got a devart! I really love your comics *3*
This one is so fun! I'm a big fan of blur, I kind of recognize me, singing in my bathroom...
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you write and draw for dark horse comics!??! THAT'S SO COOL!
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Ha! I was listening to Blur when I saw this!
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So much love for that song... I'm going have to seek out this comic now.
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third volume!


i'll keep buying as long as u keep doing these adam :)
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those are scary lyrics.
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What a very odd song. Still, well-drawn. ^_^

I admit, I haven't bought Empowered, but from what I've seen, I do have a complaint - I know it's meant to be parody, but I find it extraordinarily depressing that Empowered doesn't live up to her name that often. Come on, have her come out on top more often!
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Buy the book, and you will discover that Emp does, in fact, have her badass moments (as in, saving her so-called "teammates," rescuing her boyfriend, defeating a nigh-omnipotent alien overlord, etc.), though said moments are a tad infrequent at this point in her budding career.

Buy the book, and that will assure further volumes of EMPOWERED, in which Emp may well emerge victorious more often! (Or not.)

Then again, at this point, Emp's heroism doesn't lie in how badass her powers are (or aren't), but the fact that she possesses almost superhuman determination to keep on pluggin' away at the "capes and tights" game in the face of considerable negative reinforcement. (Any similarity to the temperament necessary for working in a creative medium is strictly coincidental, of course.)

In short, I would say: Buy the book, and judge for yourself!
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yeah, it's pretty different
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Confusing song. But, singing in a comic is golden. As always. . .very awesome. I'm pinching their cheeks just a tiny bit then they're done the darlings.
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Looks funny. Hope you get the worl printed with the lyrics in quetsion.
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Ok, so the girls who looks like boys are looking for boys who look like girls and treat boys like girls. No wait...the boys who act like girls are looking for boys who treat girls like boys who... No, that's not it. The boys who look like boys and like girls who like to look like girls who look like boys.... :confused:
Umm... it's still a fun song. ^^;
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I hate to be the grammar nazi because this is awesome... But you used the wrong "they're" it should be their.
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It reminds me of that "Cheeky Boys" song by those twins in Britain.
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kool a pet shop boys song <3
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O: It's Blur.
It was remixed by Pet Shop Boys though.
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oh lol.. my bad o.0 whish i knew this stuff hahaaa ( thats the only version i have was by PSB )
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