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Behold, the cover art for the upcoming trade paperback (TPB) collection* of the 2017 miniseries Empowered and the Soldier of Love, written by me and featuring art by the great Karla Diaz! The TPB hits the shelves of North American comic stores June 27th, then is available in bookstores on July 3rd. More info here:…

Love is tearing apart costumed crimefighter Empowered’s city, as the unearthly powers of an embittered “International Magical Girl of Mystery” covertly inflame the superheroic community’s burning passions. But even if a befuddled Emp can puzzle out her shadowy foe’s schemes, can she hope to prevail against the Soldier of Love (and magical mascot Señor Pangolin)?

Note that the collection also includes the one-shot Empowered: PEW PEW PEW!, which I drew myself; cover illo below.

*Readers of the miniseries may notice that this is also the cover to issue #3, rather than an all-new piece; publishers have found that, alas, commissioning a new cover for a collected edition doesn't seem to help sales very much, if at all.
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Club-DreamiverseHobbyist General Artist
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And now this is sitting on my shelf. Thank you, it's hilarious <3

Also, I totally want this to become an animated somethingorother so I can watch it with the love music playlist playing.
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Pretty cool ^^
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Is that... a giant pink pangolin?
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RopeandfeetHobbyist General Artist
OMG!! LOVELY WORK!  with this  Im forced to make a 1/6 custom figure of this character!  Fortunately I have the scale model of the Barret .50
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Whoa man, does that look intense!
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SatraThaiHobbyist General Artist
Why am I laughing x'D
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And Pew Pew Pew!  Score!  Count on at least one copy sold.
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This was a fun Empowered story and the art was awesome.
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IMO "Madoka Magica" already de-constructed the "Magical Girls" subject, saying "Uh, if this were in RL wouldn't it be creepy and wrong on Soooooo many levels!?" 

Still, I got issue #1 and I'll get the rest.  Love your works.
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KomikinoHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it possible to include a translation for what The Soldier of Love is saying in this series. I got the gist of what she was saying but felt like I was missing out. 
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Great piece. Love all the colors and the action. 
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whatiwroteHobbyist General Artist
Love the coloring on Emp's suit--and it's so rare we get to see her umm fully clothed! Love 
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finex666Hobbyist Artist
i want to see haha
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LpsalsamanHobbyist General Artist
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Ahhhhh I loved this story so much! I'd love to see the characters pop up in the main series.
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Like sailor moon if she took herself seriously
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This looks so gorgeous! Probably your prettiest piece yet, the colors are VERY satisfying to look at.
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mcd91Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's by another artist.
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer
Oooooooooh i can't wait for this one to come out!

Question: Will the TPB have a translation for Solider of Love's Textbubbles?
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Sir-TalenHobbyist Writer
Wait, wait, her suit is intact?
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Well, Empowered was bound to encounter an opponent whose default attacks didn't automatically start shredding her suit sooner or later.

Granted, knowing her general level of luck, it won't last...
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