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DIRTY PAIR's Evil Dead cosplay

Behold, an old ('99) Dirty Pair commissioned sketch, repro'd from a rather crappy photocopy, alas. Though the artwork in question isn't all that spectacular, I thought the concept was pretty amusing: Kei and Yuri effectively cosplaying as Bruce Campbell's iconic character Ash from the Evil Dead movies.

Have to say, I still kinda like the way Yuri's face came out; note, however, that she sports a considerably less pronounced bootay than I currently prefer to draw... It's a shame, really.
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I love your art Adam, especially Dirty Pair Run from the Future, I have the TPB read dozens of times.  Excellent!  Your drawings and ideas are amazing, and adding my fav movie Evil Dead 2 into the mix is bad-ass.

My Ash Drawing:…
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Well hello Mister Fancypants. Well, I've got news for you pal, you ain't leadin' but two things, right now: Jack and shit... and Jack left town.
beautiful o_o i get further into your gallery and i love it more each picture i see haha
beautiful o_o i get further into your gallery and i love it more each picture i see haha
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Two sexy chicks cosplaying the greats movie of all time? The future just go a little bit brighter, hehehehe.
cool; it is cool
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This is full of awesome 2 of favorites together
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THATS MY STOLEN COMMISSION!!!!!.....I bought it from you at the akon Bruce Campbell was a guest at and it was stolen from my apartment 2 years later. Oh to have my precious commission back.......

Its nice to see it again......
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Sorry, couldn't resist....wonderful piece, and it's based on one of my favorite films.

"Do not stand behind him...if you value your life."
--from GOLGO 13 (2008-2009)
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The good old days... T_T
Well, nothing like a nice, copyright owned character like EMP to cheer up on the present.
She only needs her own anime, videogame and movie now.
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The legend of Dirty pair lives on with
your every masterpiece,Mr.Warren.
I will never get tired of their adventures,ideas...
and your unique,beautiful style =)
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Man, that's cool to see.
I'd love to see a DP story in your current Empowered style.

I saw some news on the new Hisao Tamaki DP manga and wondered if you have strong feelings on it?
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Yeah, I first heard about the new DP manga on your LJ, in fact... I'm a big fan of Tamaki's work, dating all the way back to his SF manga Buraiden (which used to run in the Machine Head anthology way, way back in the day, if I recall correctly), so I'm very much looking forward to reading his take on Kei and Yuri. Given his proclivities and skill set, Tamaki's DP manga will no doubt be high-energy and heavy on the hardware, which sounds to me like a whole lotta fun.

Have to say, though, in all the dozens and dozens of redesigns I did for the DP's outfits (almost all of which were never used in the published comics, alas), I never thought to give 'em WWWA-logo tube tops... If you'll pardon the use of a now-tired and overused phrase: Well played, sir, well played.
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Sometimes my Lj degrades into me just writting your name and drawing little hearts and stars around it. But yeah I'm excited to see what Tamaki does. I haven't seen any actual pages yet. Tubetops indeed.
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I just nostalgia'd big time. I'm now personally torn between wanting more DP and more Empowered.

Of course, being the greedy bastard that I am, I would suggest a crossover. :D
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Yay, the Dirty Pair, Yay Bruce Campbell, good stuff :)
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It's actually pretty good-the sizes are proportional without looking like they're artificial, and it actually looks like a Very Nice Piece Of Ass...
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Neeeeeeeds moor bootay Adam. ~___O
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Just so the quality of comments doesn't go up or anything.
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I like Yuri's face, too. There's a nice sweetness to it.
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