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DIRTY PAIR illo for FLATIRON magazine, full color


Final version of a 1999-ish Dirty Pair illo, colored by :iconguru-efx: and commissioned for the cover of the New York arts magazine Flatiron. Back when I initially drew this piece, the image of an NYC landmark like the Flatiron Building burning down (due, presumably, to Kei and Yuri's penchant for disaster) was considered a whimsical jest, perhaps even suggested to me by an art director. A few years later, of course, this wouldn't seem quite so whimsical.

First posted over at my new Instagram account, along with some other in-progress art pics:

Here are my B&W inks for the piece:

B+W DIRTY PAIR illo for FLATIRON magazine by AdamWarren
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"But it's not our fault!"
Some of the best work.
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as usual amazing work :) brings back memories
One of the Best Pictures ever! I have this printed in Wall size in one of my Rooms!
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Heh oops. The Lovely Angels strike again.
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Could be worse...probably.
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I love me some Dirty Pair in color!
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A Normal day in the Lovely Angels life XD.
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It was like that when they got here, it was!

Also, when you name a weapon the "Kill-O-Watt", you lose the privelege of being surprised when things turn into a clusterf*ck.
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And thus the "Lovely Angels" stint moonlighting as window-washers proved short-lived...  ;)
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Where's the "Thumbs Up" button for comments?
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One of my favorites, Adam!
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Sweet! Love it!
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Now, this looks more familiar ... :)
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I remember an old Dirty Pair Drinking Game that had a reference to chugging whenever a "Dirty Pair Event" happened, i.e. something massively destructive and probably multiply-fatal, that was just NOT THEIR FAULT!

This picture captures that so perfectly.
gorgeous and powerfully sexy artwork
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nice background colour. good poster.
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Great to see Kei and Yuri again, doing what they do best: accidental destruction & mayhem on a gigaton level.:thumbsup:
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