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B+W DIRTY PAIR illo for FLATIRON magazine


B&W inks for a 1999-ish Dirty Pair illo commissioned for the cover of the New York arts magazine Flatiron. Back when I initially drew this piece, the image of an NYC landmark like the Flatiron Building burning down (due, presumably, to Kei and Yuri's penchant for disaster) was considered a whimsical jest, perhaps even suggested to me by an art director. A few years later, of course, this wouldn't seem quite so whimsical.

First posted over at my new Instagram account, along with some other in-progress art pics:

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This does indeed look familiar ...
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Oh the Dirty Pair  an Awesome series
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I remember this!  Hilarious.
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Even if you do feel a bit of a twinge about it now, that was some fine work back then.  I was a fan of your DP stuff for Dark Horse Comics in those days.  Looks like you were doing a little modification to the characters for this piece.
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I miss those DP comics. They were a lot of fun.
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It already owns a place of honor on my Tumblr page.
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I love me some Dirty Pair.
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Yay more Dirty Pair!
LeefromCalgary's avatar
Yay! more Dirty Pair!
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Awesome the Dirty Pair! Wow my daughter has the series you did years ago! Really cool to see them again!
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I discovered you when you were doing dirty pair, been a hug fan ever since, love this pic of the disasterous duo
Man I miss your DP comics. They where so much fun to read.
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Wish you'd do another DP comic. I love Empowered but DP was awesome. ^ ^
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I'd settle for some Dirty Pair reprints!
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awesome by the best
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that building looked like a bitch to draw
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