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Guess who's got a booth at the second biggest pop-culture show in North America? This guy.

Saying I'm excited doesn't do it justice. Being amongst the biggest and brightest in all the fields I love for 4 days in October is a dream that might not even be eclipsed by my inevitable journey to SDCC. As more details come about, I'll be sure to post them here.

It's up to you...New York, New York.

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Hey DeviantArters,

I posted a design over at threadless last week and it's got 2 days left in the voting. Thought I'd throw the link up here and try to get more votes. It's my fantastic fork image I posted here a few weeks ago. If you could, follow the link and help me get picked. It's not the last design I'm submitting, but it is t-shirt worthy (I think).

Help me out!…

Keep being awesome.

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I draw a lot. I know how to draw. I can draw...well, anything. However, I am not the best artist ever. BIG SURPRISE I KNOW. Artists by definition are constantly evolving their style, their form and yes, their knowledge. No artist ever stops learning new techniques and tips. We are NOT above criticism. What we ARE above is shitty criticism.

Just yesterday I got called out for poor anatomy on 'Karen' from my 'Super-Girls' series. Now normally I'd run and hide in a closet, tears streaming down my face because someone didn't think my art was technically correct. In this case though, I was baffled. As anyone who follows me here knows, the Super-Girls series is based on images from the Victoria's Secret catalogue, re-dressed in superhero outfits usually with different hair and face. The pose, the lighting, the shape...all of those belong to the model from VS. Sometimes I take liberty with the hands, or slightly alter the arm or leg position for a better image, but it's all model. If you have issue with the anatomy, please, call up Alessandra Ambrosio or Marissa Miller and tell them their ribs are improperly placed or their torso is too long. I take very careful steps to ensure the proportions, distance, lighting and shape are as accurate as possible. Does it always work out as I plan? No. I'm not tracing's my interpretation. Is the anatomy off? No. Not possible.

Now, to the point I made about making slight changes to the model's hands or arms or whatever...sometimes that does not work as well as I hope. Again, I'm good, but not perfect. I try, but hey, that's the way it goes sometimes. If someone sees an inconsistency then by all means, I welcome critique on it. As much as artists are their own worst critics, we do sometimes miss out on mistakes. If you notice something's off, please point it out. It will help me to not make the same mistake again.

This is where the person who critiqued me on 'Karen' screwed up. Their comment was, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Nice, but I think you need more anatomy work." That's it. That's all they wrote. I mean in general they shouldn't have made the comment based on the reasons I've already pointed out, but dammit, if you're going to critique my work, you have to be more specific! What part of the anatomy were they referring to? The whole thing? I mean, it's not my best work ever but jeeze I thought it was pretty good! I thought the pose and form was pretty good. Surely they couldn't have meant every part of her. I've always been bothered by her hand holding the cape, but it's certainly not throwing off the entire piece. Would the comment be about her hand? SEE? THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ARTISTS WHEN YOU DON'T GET SPECIFIC! We obsess about our shit way way more than anyone else ever could, and when you just make some stupid off-the-cuff remark without any actual critique it DRIVES US NUTS!

I'm waiting to see if this person responds with a better answer as to why my anatomy sucks, and I hope they are an artist who works in the medical field who can provide samples of how and where I went wrong. Unfortunately, they are most likely some asshat who was trolling me and has no insight.

We will see.

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So earlier this week I participated in a contest over at It was just an art contest about the site and had to contain 'TR' or 'Topless Robot' in the art. My entry is posted here so go check it out. Having done art for some time and seen a bit of the works being submitted for the contest, I was under the assumption that I would at least be singled out for my work. I was wrong.

See, I neglected to consider the audience and rushed a piece that I thought would get some attention based on my casual attendance on the site. Let me be clear, the work is good. But it's not great or amongst my best work. I am certain this is why I was not picked. Needless to say, I was disappointed though and took to the message boards in a sarcastic way to lament my lack of mention. This stirred the pot and got people talking. I responded and voiced my concern with others who mentioned that they received mentions despite their work not taking long to complete, which I hate.
Sidenote; I hate it when anyone says 'Yeah, this took me like 10 minutes to do. It was soooo easy. And I totally won/received money/accolades for it. But it took no time so I'm like, awesome and stuff." I don't care how long it took. Unless it's the fucking sistine chapel it doesn't matter how long it took.
Annnnnyways, this got a bunch of people mad and they called me out for being a baby and bitching about not winning, which I wasn't. I only wanted these nerds/geeks to respect the artistic process, which they obviously didn't. A few of them asked about my work (since I was "bitching" about respect and such) so I posted the DA link. Little did I know that they would in fact check it out. I don't think my DA page has had that many pageviews ever.

So to the topless robot fans who came here, sorry I was such an ass trying to make a point (I'm not THAT sorry, but kind of sorry. Not really. But kind of. Sort of.) but thanks for pumping up my pageviews. Hopefully they realized that as annoying as I was being, it comes from history and experience.

I can't wait until the next contest so I can piss more people off and get more pageviews!

Yes, I am in fact, an asshole.

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I think I need to weigh in on something that was brought up here months ago, but seems to have come back around in my head. At one point it seemed that DA was removing the art of inking from their submissions list. Now I don't have all the information on this so correct me please as to whether or not it was done. What I offer right now are my own opinions. Like them or hate them, they're mine.

Inking is not art.

If you're an inker and you're reading this, I'm sorry. You're not an artist. Art, by nature, is creation. Artists give birth to ideas, either as original ideas, continuations of other people's ideas or variations of existing themes and creations. Inking does none of these things. An inker ads tone, environment, mood, depth and in some cases detail. Inkers are vital to the comic book industry for the aforementioned reasons, but that doesn't make them artists.

If you've dedicated yourself to becoming an inker, hats off to you. There's money in it and a good inker can last decades in the fickle comic industry. Just don't think of yourself as an artist based on your inking. Do not pass off your inking as art. Do not sell inked work as art unless your penciller gets paid 50% of the profits. And certainly don't pretend that what you do is more important than the penciller.

I ink all my comic art myself. I've been doing it for years. I know the difference between the two mediums so don't give me shit for not knowing what I'm talking about. I've been reading and enjoying comics for over 25 years, and I've seen pencils without inks and then full inks so I know what inking does for comics. This isn't about the value of the inker, only that inkers need to step off their high horses and accept that as inkers, they are not artists. Artists can be inkers, and inkers can be artists. However, inking on its own is not art.

When posting here on DA, inkers need to accept that their work is being judged. Also they need to start drawing attention to the idea that their work is not entirely their own and need to draw attention to this. You want to post art you inked over? Fine. But make sure in the title and in the comments it is obvious that it's someone else's pencils. Too many inkers take credit for the entire piece, be it directly or indirectly. Stop being so concerned with your pageviews and consider the post itself. Be responsible.

If you disagree, prove me wrong. Prove to me that inking is art. Prove to me that drawing over someone's pencils involves artistic creativity worthy of being called 'art'. Taking credit for adding some swipe lines or a bit of shadow does not make you an artist. Do not mistake talent for art.
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Seriously...thanks everyone who checks out my stuff. I will post more images soon...I've done a few projects and they will be added to the ol' account soon enough.

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Thanks DA!

And thanks to everyone who visits and comments and faves!

I do it for me, not for you, but the support is still greatly appreciated.

Once again, thanks everyone!

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Change is good

Mon Nov 20, 2006, 5:38 PM
Wow, the change to submissions is awesome! No longer do I have to shuffle through page after page of buttons. Well done DeviantArt, well done.

So what's new here? Nada. With the holidays coming up I'm getting ready to do a whole wack of art as gifts. Of course I'll be sure to post them here once they are done. First up will be a Geisha image for Laura who's kicking it samurai style over in Hokkaido, Japan. Then it's more DC2 stuff with a final Manga-inspired Sailor Moon image for Nat. After that I'm on to....well, I can't ruin it here...Eiffel Tower is one, my brother and his girlfriend for another...the rest are secrets. It should be a very Merry and a happy Happy for most...

But not me.

Oh well...

Ta for now.


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1000 Pageviews

Fri Jun 16, 2006, 9:08 PM
Well here I've finally hit over a thousand pageviews. It took a lot longer than I expected to be honest. I know I'm not the world's greatest artist, but only 1000 visitors in just over a year? I suppose I can chock it up to the fact that I'm not a manga anime freak, I'm not fully into my comic art and I don't cater to any specific audience or style. I am what I am and as long as I like it, that's all that's suppose to matter. Of course I am also an attention-starved freak who craves acceptance from all his fellow humans. That part of me cries a little inside when I see 18-year-olds who draw stick figures in lewd poses with over 5000 pageviews. Yes, I know, it's pathetic, but I want acceptance, dammit! I want lots of watches and lots of praise!
Okay, I'm glad I got that out of my system. Now to thank all the cool folkes who stopped by this page over the past 1000 views...Thanks. I promise to post more work of varying styles. Keep on keepin' on. Now back to more commission work!


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Here comes the League

Mon Mar 27, 2006, 4:06 PM
Yes, I'm still in my DC mode. Not sure why. I think it has to do with all the old DC comics I'm reading through before I sell them. You see, I have a bunch from the early 1990s and I never read them back then unless they had Batman in them. So now I'm going over them and it's inspired the gluttony of DC drawings. I am working towards a goal though. I am finishing up my singles and coloring them, and as with the example given in my gallery, once they're all ready I'm doing some sweet jam images. For those crying, 'Where's the Marvel?', I'm probably doing an x-men one right after I finish with Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Black Canary and Zatanna (I may or may not do Elongated Man and Hawkman....haven't decided). One thing is for sure, the comic stuff is just getting ramped up...

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Sat Mar 11, 2006, 9:33 AM

So now I'm in this club for DC fanart, and since I'm doing a ton of it lately it's all good. It's not that odd, considering the enjoyment I'm getting from Infinite Crisis lately, and it's good practice for me to draw anything. I've been flitting between the realism (SpiderWoman and Zatanna) and the cartoonish (Green Lanterns + my big DC jam coming soon) and it's been mostly well recieved. I've also been doing more digital art, since so many here seem to be really good at it and practice makes perfect. That's all I got for now. Toodles.

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2006 is a good year for drawing

Wed Jan 25, 2006, 4:20 PM

It's been far too long since I posted a journal here, and it's mainly because I am not a very good blogger. I usually only write about things that really anger me or seem funny, and I save that stuff for my 1Up and LiveJournal blogs. So apologies DeviantArt blog, I just try and talk only about drawing and art here.

So where have I been? Mosly having a mini nervous breakdown. You see, I just learned recently that I suffer from anxiety, certainly not a big deal, but it has impacted my work on art. Only recently have I begun doing art again. I have been working on designs for my own comic book, as well as designs for my friend's children's story, and on top of that have been finalizing the work on my own cartoon book, titled 'Dane and March Present The Guide to Everything Stupid: Volume 1". That final one has been a passion of mine since 2001. Maybe now, almost 5 years later I can finally publish it, either myself or (hopefully) through a major publisher.

This is the time...the time to finally make use of my talents. So everyone look out dammit! This is one kid who ain't going into obscurity!

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Man, there sure is a lot to these DeviantArt official membership thingys. I got a free one week trial and, although great as it is, I'm not ready to plunk down the dough to officially sign up. I will be soon, as I want to have the advantage of selling some stuff here should the demand be high enough (yeah, right). For now I will remain with the free membership though.
So I realized I haven't posted here for some time. The wife has been back for a month and a half and already wants to go back to Japan, this time with me in tow. All I can say is, bring it on! As a side effect of her being back, I've done little art that's worth posting. Sure I did a pretty decent Batman, but it's not an "official" drawing, just a doodle. I don't post doodles until I start making money drawing for a living. But, I am working on some commissions so those will be up as soon as they're done. Until then, enjoy another episode in the superhero epic that is Captain So-So and Mr. Maybe.
Also, I hope that anyone in the southern US is doing okay or at least is alive after Katrina hit. Canada sends her love and support.
Boy, is digital coloring hard. Of course, I'm no doubt doing it the hard way, but I can only do it at my own pace and speed, and that takes forever. The F4 piece here was the first step. Currently I am adding color to four of my supergirls for a large wall mural display. The color looks nice but it seems to be lacking the realism of the original pencils. I suppose that's okay, since the coloring I want will reflect a flat pop-cultury influence, and less a realistic tone. That being said, it is unlikely I will do much more coloring until I get photoshop, which could be sooner rather than later. I do have a whole book on the subject, you'd think I'd have the full program. Funny how things work. On a personal note, my wife finally returns from Japan on July 13th, and I can't wait to see her. Expect to see a bunch of work before she gets back as I rush to finish and start and finish some pieces. Toodles.
Man, I've been flying through these pieces! Granted it doesn't take me long to do one, maybe 3-4 hours, but usually outside influences add a lot of time to the work. I suppose most of my outside influence lies with my wife, who's picture is right over there...
and with her still in Japan I have time to quickly polish some work off. She's not a bad distraction, but as anyone with a partner can tell you, they tend to take up your time even if you're just hanging out. I'd rather have her here than get a whole bunch of drawings done, but I'll certainly take the free time and use it wisely. Her portrait came out great, and I finally put some final touches on the Wolverine drawing I'd been working on for a few weeks on and off. I might yet do him in ink, but we'll see. I'm far from an ink expert and I always worry about screwing up the original, especially if I like it. With all the work I've done, I might even move on to doing some things I promised people...YEARS ago. I may even get to do my "regular heroes" set, which is sort of a sequel to the Super Girls series. More on that if I finally decide to do it. Oh, and a thumbs up if you can tell me where my subject title comes from...
My titles have little to nothing to do with the content, I just like random sentences...
So I finished my Emma Frost and Superigirl, which I feel are both pretty good. Next is an Electra drawing with yet another Victoria's Secret model, (Adrianna Lima for those who care...). So far it's alright, and it should have a bit more detail than the other girls. Once she's done, I think I might do something different. I'm not sure what the next project will be, but I might move into more anime-influenced pieces for my wife. She's returning from Japan in just over a month and I want to have some work for her as a present. I definitely will also do a pencil of the Pyramids at Giza for her as well. I've been promising it for so long, it's about time I deliver on it. I also have some paid work to do for some clients, so June is looking to be pretty busy. I may post some other superhero-related stuff soon, since it does motivate me, so keep your eyes peeled here...or not, whatever's good for you.
I'm not much of a "blogger" so I usually "draw" a blank (hey I made a funny) when it comes to these. I think the idea of discussing my day, going over my loves and hates and generally sounding off about stuff is just not for me, so if I do an entry here, much like the entries over at, it will be about drawing and art. Oddly enough, I'm sure I'll one day have like 10 journals or blogs, one for each interest I have.
Anyway, so I was a bit discouraged from drawing anything good last week since some ass stole my art book from work. Who takes someone else's drawing pad? It isn't worth anything! It only has sentimental value. This is okay though. If I don't get it back by monday, I'll bring the entire place down around me in a rage-fueled tirade. Still, coming here has re-ignited my push to finish my "realistic super-women" series, to which there are already three drawings. Diana (Wonder Woman) and Hawk of Grace (Hawkgirl) are already here, my catwoman drawing, while good, is going to be re-done, and I'm also going to do at least three more. They all seem to be DC heroes, for reasons I am unsure of. Maybe their women just have a more easily malleable quality. Oddly enough, the next one is going to be Emma Frost, the White Queen, currently starring in Astonishing X-Men By Joss Whedon. Give me a week or so and I'll have that one finished. Now, off to do whatever it is that I do...
So this is what it's like to post your stuff for all to see...I'm used to only having a small group of people see my work, so having an audience like this will do marvels for my already inflated ego. Yay! Seriously, I hope you all enjoy the work and if you have any critiques, I am not afraid to hear them. I am my own worse critic, so chances are many of you will be much kinder than I am to myself. I doodle all the time, but I rarely use to do official pieces. Now that this has changed, I will be adding new work all the time. Thanks as always for the kind words and, uh, keep on rockin in the free world. Sorry, I couldn't think of a better way to end that...