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I began creating entries for a webcomic I planned to call Journey back around 2013, and completed about 15 before putting it on hold. I finally dusted it off and am going to start posting those entries here and on my blog at (note the updated URL since my last post!). Enjoy!
I have started a new art blog, as I have found blogging to be a great way to share with people (in addition to DA of course). So, please check out my new blog Secret Forest Studio:


I hope you enjoy it :)
I haven't posted any art here in several years, but I have been doing a bit here and there. I am trying to get back into my artwork in a more focused way, and have been doing sketches and watercolours. I plan to post these here shortly, once I get a new new camera to photograph them with. Before that, I think I will upload some of my older artwork. I have some artwork going back to even before the pieces I have uploaded here in the past. There are not many, probably under 20, but would like to include them online in my gallery. So, I'm going to be posting some 'old' artwork here soon, and then hopefully in a week or so, will begin uploading my recent watercolours project pieces.
My new website is now online. It has:
- A link to my artwork here :) but also:
- Astrophotography
- A few video/film projects
- Blog
- And more stuff to come.

I will of course continue to post much of my original artwork here, but check it out for some of my other work!

I have now finished uploading the works I made over the past while. Now, updates will be new works, whenever I do them. Some of my creative work is not on DA (film, astrophotography, ...), so check out my website at (pretty empty at the moment) where I will be uploading a brand new website in the next week or two that I've been working on for some time.

I'm back, and am posting artwork again. Expect more soon... :)

More on DA now! Will update when possible.
Updates have been a coming a bit slower than planned, but I'm going to continue uploading them as I can.

Not sure exactly how much border I should be leaving on my print works. I'm going to put a border on most (if not all) of them, but will keep them a bit bigger on the works available for print to cover the 'bleed edge' cropping. I'm going to order one of my works that I'll be uploading in a few days, and will see what the results are like. If the border is visibly too large, I can always go back and trim it down on the works I've uploaded already.

If anybody on DA has any advice, please comment!

I've been expressing myself in various art forms over the past few years, and have decided to start putting some of it online, and in particular in a gallery here on DA. I have about 20 works that I know I want to upload. Rather than shove them all on at once, I'm going to upload 1 or 2 a day over the next few weeks. And then, the new art begins...