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The Tattered Ice Cream Sandwich

Adam spong stories
 hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong

The noisy, coastal town of Berwick holds a secret.

Albert one has the perfect life working as a nurse rachet in the city and dancing snow elf with his delightful girlfriend, Marion two.

However, when he finds a tattered ice cream sandwich in his cellar, he begins to realise that things in the  fridge  freezer are falling on the  floor. but his house  elf,  told him it  was a freezer living  snow  elf, who  lived in the  fridge.  who had dropped the icecream sandwiches on the floor.

And while Albert thinks about why a hiding elf would spectaculate about a snow elf. His house elf told him it was Graham's snow  elf from down in London town, who was staying the night just for  a while. It leaves Albert with an excuse to go back to London to catch up with this  mysterious Graham. Albert sets off to beautiful London to find some answers before he  goes back to Hogwarts.

At first the people of London are funny and down to earth. He is intrigued by the curiously gentle paint wall person. Albert meers Graham three levels higher than him at Hogwarts. However, after he introduces him to hard chocolate sprinkle sundaes, Albert slowly finds himself drawn into a web of cookies, cream and perhaps, even strawberries in chocolate.

For the next stories in Hogwarts. We will discover strange and unusual  events  happening in the Scottish town of  Berwick.  that need to be investigated.

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