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Along Came Pie

A Spong story
for ilvermorny fanfiction

The night of the cake festival changes everything for Hot Pitt, a 23-year-old gardener from Oven town. She was at the pie festival with her neice Hot fudge .

One moment, she is discussing the price of rice to her son, Pie Plumb; the next, watching with horror as tactless goblins was eating her prized pie.

She knows these goblins came from Upper oventing but she can’t prove it — at least not without some chilly frozen spells to freeze that goblin mid eating.

The intuitive, friendly woman knows that her spot as number one pie chef is over for this week. She acquires some magic spells and is reborn as the hero who will save the world from tactless pie eating goblins.

However, when her son calls back home , Hot Fudge is working out how to decide what is more important: helping her aunt chase the goblins or just make a fresh new cake pie for dinner. 

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