seaside town of way no boozoo part 2

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The Seaside Town of Way-no-boozoo part 2

Adam spong stories
 ilvermorny fanfiction by adam spong

The magical, seaside town of Way-no-bozzo series with Rob Kawalski and Fallon Clifford.

in our  last  episode, Kate Kowalski was helping her  relatives in the Way-No-Boozoo clan. The 12 charms of the  Way- NO -Bozzo are hidden in plain site around the  town of New York, forever symbols or  growth , diversity and friendship.

The fun of  discovering the  charms, is the  best  fun, two  new  students at Ilvermorny can possibly do,.
Follow the  adventures of Rob and Fallon, as they  discover a  workable  friendship, that is bound  be  a connection to the  land, family and  nature.

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