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I got to set up my proper time line now, for  the full week, I am  done, ok  week  2  next

Please hold as the spong re-enters Hogwarts

  1. 13/05/2014 all the deviantart accounts created after this date are Ilvermorny related
  2. all deviantart acounts from 2009–2014 are now HOgwarts accounts
  3. you know the theme now, if i went online in one the 365’ daily journal, blog making time line in my deviantart accounts, then, i will publish a 365 journal right from the same day 7 years ago, 
  4. in the event that. the spong missed an actual day of the 365, in 2009–2015. i always make room for forgotten days.
  5. it is the spong after all
  6. prepare ..
  7. now
  8. the 8th day of the week, its a chiller
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