8 september diary 1

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the  full 7  year  diary again.
Hogwarts fanfiction by adam spong
It was a typical day in Ilvermonry.... before the trouble started....

Adam was rescuing some wild bunch of flowers.
Suddenly he bumped into bignose the ghome.
"Whoa I didn't expect to see you here at your house."
"Yes I come here every friday."
Suddenly, there was a slow creepy, scary noise.
They stared deeply and lovingly at eachover .
But they bumped into a deep dark scary hole.
"oh no I have have been damaged " said adam.
"I believe jooles is behind this!"
"I duduced as much myself did I"
"He is behind a scheme to make Derida use her powers  at  school  today."
By having a  lavish dolly tea party for all of us at lunch time.
"can we stop him?"
Yes, by finding the magic flower of power.
Right here, in the magical island , hidden in the mountings of  Hoosac Valley, Cheshire Massettuesseetes.
"Come now to , Hoosac, we must find and seak it before time is up!"
"Indeed there we must go by  Thunderhawk for yonder!"
And with that they left
Adam and Nigel the ThunderHawk forgot the story of  the flower, but  knew if  he  studied well in Herbology,  he  would remember it

jooles is like the school clown but everyone likes Her. And adam is like the loner who just does snaketree climbing tricks on his own. He likes Derida and thinks it is really unfair to think it because she is really cool. and hopes that nothing actually happens to  her. as no one at the school knows about her superpowers.

Adam was in class. He was paying well attention because it  was  study  break time
jooles stopped and looked at hero with a funny look and said,. Look a the magical glow  surrounding Derida.. Others in the class gasped. No one said that about Derida .
Jooles laughed and got up from her seat and grinned vastly.
adam gulped. he had not thought of what to do next now. Soon Jooles would do a  Dolly tea party, and Adam was sure the jig  would be up.
But then Fiona and Ginger raised from their seats too. Adam looked at them. they nodded back at him and with their arms crossed they looked like they could take jooles tea pot of doom !
And when a looked on her right, she saw that the teacher had hid himself behind the desk. Even the teacher thought it was not the time  for  a  dolly  tea party!
Quickly Fiona and Ginger took the  Dolly tea party  Kettle and,   saved thee day.
So jooles rose up and walked to a and she said: "I will see you after school. In my turf at  Bay  Park. U know where to find it!"
"I'll be there, said a certain of herself!
And jooles left, leaving behind a trail of cold and shivers went down a's spine. This wasn't going to end well in Bay  Park.

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