Grabby Glove and Sensual sock fanfiction

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What Could This Thing With An Old-fashioned grabby  sock  comedy skit of Leg sock could  this sensualness be?

A Neurotic  fanfiction
by Epic spongo

It has a time  for old-fashioned legs to have socks, and as  such, they  became popular in  younow,  for here is  Grabby Glove < Grabby  Glove is faint, with freezing feathers, which are hairy. Rarely has an old-fashioned leg reminded me more of the elbows of a peculiar person.

Its time to meet  Sensual  Sock ,  For  sensual dock  has its  flaws, as Sensual Sock is an exemplary, idyllic friend of  Grabby Glove,.  Grabby  glove  sort to  live out  their  life in a  mental  asylum until the political time was  right.  Which has been laughing absentmindedly  that  left  side was  right  side in the  sock  universe, in the magical, wicked sleet (of clatter!).

Naturally, Sernsual Sock has all the glory of a leftist  sock  who  went  merrily on their  way, as a sensual sock gains popualrity as a sensual being,  , which once slept gracefully in the pigeon nest, of  sending   telegrams,  in the  1990;s. There is nothing like the itme before th einternet  when  we  recived messages by  Pigeon,  It  was a  civilised  change   for  we  have talking  socks on line.

Lest not forget the smiling, silky spirit of a steep smell bashfully secsational,  sensual jogging socks of  wonder.

Sensual likes its old-fashioned life. Grabby Glove likes hairy feathers.

It is a creepy time after all! and this is  the  fandom
let it   begin
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