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TARDIS stencil

By adams-ransom
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A while back I made a Dr Who hoodie for one of my friends, and fully intended to put the stencil up. I recently got reminded, and here it is!

I scaled it so it fit an A4 piece of paper, and my stenciling technique can be found here: [link]
Just cut out the black bits and you're good to go.

You could take the easy way out though, and just print it on to an A4 sticker or something. I should point out that there are some details present on the stencil that were too finickey for me to do - the writing on the police box, and a few elements at the top left of the stencil. If you do use my stencil I hope you post a pic up on devart and send me the link. And if you figure out how to incorporate the writing, I'd love to know how :D

ETA: I know this sounds like a crazy request, but if you do use this stencil, could you please credit me? Nothing absurd, but a link in your description would be nice. I've seen a few people who have used this stencil taking credit for the design of it in the comments section on their deviation rather than the application of it. I'm not asking for much, just a link back :)
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May I borrow this? I'll give you credit it for it when my design is complete. Best, Andrea Smith.
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I love the simplicity of the design! Minimalistic but still easily recognizable!
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YES FINALLY! I am planning to make a DIY Tye Dye video for my youtube channel and I was gonna make a blue tye dye shirt and needed a stencil the Tardis to put on it and this exactly what I'm looking for Thank you! I'll be sure to give you a shout out :D
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Oh neat! Has the vid gone up yet? I've never been brave enough to tye dye anything, so  it sounds like your vid might suit my needs as well as being a small ego boost :p
Thank you so much. I love the stencil and used it on a messenger bag. I wasn't able to do the text and just did a blank sign block, which I think turned out well. Thanks again, I credited you on the imgur pic and on Reddit. [link]
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Wow, that looks amazing! You did a really great job - my stencils rarely come out looking that neat and tidy when I actually apply them to things/
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This is JUST what I needed. My sister and I have recently gotten into Doctor Who and I'm planning on painting a jewelry box with the TRADIS on it as apart of her Christmas present. Thank you so much! :D
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Oh cool! I'd love to see a picture of the box when it's done :D
This is awesome! I want to make a freezer paper stencil but must find the right shade of blue t-shirt. Thanks so much!
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I went nuts a few summers back trying to do the same thing - all dark blues were warm tones instead of cool, oh the horror! But I hope to see a picture if you do stencil one up :)
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Thanks so much! [link] It makes a good paintbrush on Photoshop as well!
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Thanks so much for throwing the link my way. You're right, it's a stencil of many uses XD
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Thanks so much for MAKING the stencil!
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Thanks for the llama :p
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Of course! You deserve it!
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Ive uploaded a similar one today on Deviant Art [link] but did mine using this [link]
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Which used this one to begin with? Ha! I love it when art goes in circles like this XD
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Hi adams-ransom,
Your stencils are great! Are you ever thinking about selling them as wall decal?
It´s an interesting new wall art design and we are just starting a project where Artists around the world can offer there vector graphics. It´s named TapeRay.
And the best for you as an artist is, that you can decide how much you want to have per artwork square meters.
You can ask me, if you have problems to convert your artworks to vector graphics.
It’s really easy and I can do that for you.
Please contact me ( or have just a look at [link]

All the best, cheers
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Thanks for the heads up, it looks like an interesting site. My big qualm at the moment is that the terms for artists are in German, which I can't read. I'll head back once it's launched and check it out :)
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yeah, we know. we have to translate them to english (terms).
we will do that soon.
thanks for feedback!
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love it, must copy to the my shoes :D
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I'd love to see a photo when you do :D
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