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Jurassic Park Poster

By adamrabalais
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Alt poster for Jurassic Park

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Just so you're aware, a scam company called "The Golden Age of Entertainment" (in correspondence with "Gold Record Outlet") has used your art as a cover for the "Jurassic Park" script - along with others - to sell "authentic" copies of the script to suckers (like myself). Not only did I realize this, along with shoddy patchwork for the presentation, but the entire script is center-margined (showcasing a cheap copy/paste job). I'm happy to provide pictures as proof of my purchase, should you feel any need to take action.

Below are links to their product:……
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Clever Girl.
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xXpajaritoXxHobbyist Photographer
A nice touch of symbolism the butterfly...
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This is incredible.. I love it.. made a few alterations and laser engraved it on the back of my phone!
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Oh wow! I'd love to see how it came out if you don't mind.
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This is fantastic! How on earth did you achieve it? Where did you get the amblin logos and credit fonts, etc? Bloody brilliant work!
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bloodking30Hobbyist General Artist
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this is brilliant
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IllustratorErikProfessional Traditional Artist
I first saw the amber, then the butterfly and its effect before it dawn on my that the flapping of its wings were causing the T-Rex footfall ripples! This thing is layered like an onion!
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BlairaptorStudent Digital Artist
Wow, this is beautiful. I love your focus on chaos theory, especially with the butterfly. :)
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This is amazing.
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I like the definition that you have at the top of the poster.
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butterfly effect
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ComputerGeniusProfessional Digital Artist
Nice! I'd love to have that hanging on my wall!
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Holy crap, This is amazing. Just goes to show that simplicity is the heart of brilliance.
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this is so awesome!!!!
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Looks great! I think this focuses on a part of Jurassic Park that isn't shown in any other movie posters for it here... most of them just show big and scary dinosaurs.
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Nice! Nice!! Nice!!!
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elsaroseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Really love the design. I wouldn't mind having that on my wall. Love the colour scheme too.
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Svenimal Photographer
Wow :) This is something different but still the best JP-Poster I've seen so far :)
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InterfectorFactoryStudent General Artist
I wish a bigger printer so I could print this out and hang it on the wall of my room!'
Huge fan of JP
Very nice ^^
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CarabARTSProfessional Digital Artist
nicely done!
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ElastasHobbyist Writer
lol Samuel L JAckson
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JJeds112Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this quite a lot especially the definition at the top it adds some mystery to it. =) I also love how you made it look all wrinkled and such. Good job overall.
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