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Harry Potter TPS Poster

Alt poster design for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Why is it a parrot? Why not an owl?
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I'm totally in love with all the Harry Potter covers! They're fantastic!
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This is amazing !
but somehow it reminds me Polie, you know that parrot in that movie !
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Man, do you intend to do a poster for the last movie/book? I'm looking forward to buy, but I would like to have all of them 1 to 7
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this is beyond cool
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these are amazing!
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Yowza, this is awesome.
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Absolutely gorgeous..!
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SO amazingly simplistic and yet full of description. Well done!
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Is it bad that I don't understand the parrot thing?
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Not at all. I did fear that it looked too much like a parrot. But hoped the connection to owls in the first film would come through.
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i love your harry potter posters as always i am definitely going to buy one someday
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Much appreciated. :)
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This is amazing! Love the picture with the quote
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