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Godzilla - Blurppy's Poster Posse

Part of Blurppy's Poster Posse project for Godzilla:……
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Silence we hunt for the queen
Sign of the cross and pray in between
Look by the light of the day
She's hiding till dark waiting to play, hey, hey

Something's taken a child and it all must end
Time to be killing the dragon again

Silence we'll hunt for the lord
He takes crimson and gold, gave ice to the cold
Oh to be never afraid
Of wolves at the door, howling for more

More's been empty for years and it all must end
Time to be killing the dragon again

Kneel and behold your new king
Digital dreams and wonderful things to tease you

Small gods with electrical hearts and it all will end
Time to be killing the dragon
I don't know how more simplistic and yet straight to the point this could get! I love it. You bring Godzilla right down to his origins! Outstanding!
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Beautiful color and lighting. Great Job.
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You took one of the best shots in the movie and made a perfect poster with it. The use of sunlight and shadow compliments well together. Great job and thanks for sharing!